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For your listening pleasure, we have a brand new Sidechains remix.  These guys are stellar.  Check them out if you’re traveling overseas to Spain anytime soon.  They toss up tons of shows locally in Barcelona that ought to be hella good.  For show info and  more new tracks check the bands myspace, they have plenty.  Hype them here but just don’t go too far without listening to this.

Booty Luv – Shine (SIDECHAINS Remix)

It’s Party Time C.Wil

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Funky electro is today’s theme and I have some great remixes to throw down.  Proxy makes the pop sound of Mystery Jets real funkin’ good.  The remix to Half In Love is excellent.  Dirty and rhythmic, I can’t get enough.

Mystery Jets – Half In Love (Proxy Remix)

Erger has been all over DCUP as evidence here, here, and well here.  It’s now my turn.  The terrific mash of funky electro from the Australian captivates me every time.  Here’s another delicious banger for your speakers. It surely will not disappoint.  Check the previous posts for more.

Evermore – Can You Hear Me (DCUP’s Horny Mix)

Smooth Criminal …

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Just woke up from a sweet post work nap and i get hit in the face  with some serious news, M. Jackson suffers a fatal heart attack at the age of 50, LAME. Anyways, like more most people i enjoy my fare share of pappy crap, but MJ had a certain quality to him that most of us can’t deny.

Anyways i though i would through up a tribute to the late legend with a

Three Banger 317ELECTRO Salute.

Michael Jackson – Bad (Mowgli remix) – this Track really kicks it at  1:30

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix)

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Telemiltry Remix)

Post Script: Just found this interesting piece of hip hop sample history, check out this map of used MJ samples, i am sure it is mad limited but nonetheless pretty cool.

Keep it Gully



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In two days time, Holy Ghost! are throwing down at Celebrities in Vancouver- where will you be?  (Jun 27.09) The brand new single entitled I Will Come Back is another successful notch on the belt for Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel.  The new work is the first release from the duo in the last two years.  They just tossed it up on their blog and well, it’s a must have.  DFA Records always hold it down and Holy Ghost! represent hard.  We posted the track Hold On awhile back now so if you don’t have that shame on you.  Get it here. I’m mad excited for further new stuff to come our way but for now enjoy this ballin single!

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back

They are Night Zombies.

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Yo, what are all you funky brothers up to, got a couple of bangers, once again for all my information super high comrades out there. Again i have kind of been off the grid for a little bit, school and work schedules are overlapping with my social schedule and well, i am not to happy about it. But I gots some tunes to get me through that struggle.



Off the top of the dome, we got this interesting cat by the name of Jayou out of the the ever progressive United Kingdom, more specifically Manchester. His sound can be a little bit aggressive but at the same a very serious groove. A lot of this brothers tracks are a little to “techno, club vibe” for me personally but the ones i have come across and ended up posting have a serious groove to them. Jayou has a “Hold the Phone” remix for that Kid Cudi Track Day n’ Night, you know HA, that banger The Crookers pumped out. I don’t dig it as much, but whatever you might and it is still a banger, give it a listen (at about 2:25 it gets pretty dope). I threw a few of his originals, have a listen. By the way, J5 have a track “Jayou”, i wonder if there is some sort of affiliation/connect hmmm…. The Township funk remix, has a really dope sound to it, can get irritating after a little bit, but for the most part this track is banger, listen large.

Jayou – Ghost

grenade pic

Moving on, New York has always been a hub for culture and music alike. Jazz, Hip Hop, Punk, whatever it is, if it hasn’t hit New York it isn’t cool in my books. Check this brother out by the name of The GRENADE, pretty decent stuff, kind of fresh on the scene but he has got a few tracks floating around out there. check these bad boys out, hopefully will spark some interest. I especially like the track “Phone Stalker” give this one a listen, i don’t think you will be disappointed at all friends. The other track is remix of a Scandinavian band i have never heard, but am defs guna check into. Check out his new EP “DinoBots” which has some pretty fucking sweet artwork, all classic video game based, pretty dope. Enjoy. … Just wanted to rep “The Culture of Me”  for this dope track, and a really interesting story to along with it, check out this post and have a little laugh.

The GRENADE – Phone Stalker

Kid Cranberry – Get Drunk (The GRENADE remix)


As in Rebekkamaria – Yours Truly (The GRENADE Remix)



Jumping right into a groovy change of pace, i got a couple of smooth and funky tracks i don’t think anyone can really deny, personally. The first track i have posted up, is by a jazz-hop crew called the Sharpshooters, simply some real smooth shit that you all should take a listen to, just some real smooth shit right here, i would say as smooth as peanut butter … Just ended up picking up this record, wow is it groovy. Invest a little time and get to know the Sharpshooters a little better. Nightmares on Wax have been around for a little while but i have just started to get into them, creeping on their smooth tracks for a little while now, shifting through some of the junk, and finding gold! check out this tune, just a slow burner. Really check these guys out if you dig on that smooth, jazz, hip hop, lounge feel.

The Sharpshooters – Japanese Mathematics

Nightmares on Wax – Hear in Colour


Nightmares on Wax – 70s 80s


Keep it Gully


Summer in the Cities

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Well, well, well, it’s been a wild couple of weeks sports fans, but I’d like to say on behalf of all things holy, the summer has officially arrived, although, this announcement is obviously one day late, my bad, but, I would. In any event, the blog world has been especially generous this last week, as I have acquired some super dope tracks to share and also, some new news!? – Whatever, its fresh and interesting, trust.

This week our good mates GnartyParly, in association with the newest Hess Village venue (Hamilton, Ont.) – the Rock Bar, are bringing AutoErotique, straight from dance music central – Toronto. If you didn’t hear, like me, theses dudes used to go by the name VND/LSM, but they got slapped with a lawsuit and I’m not too sure on the details. The good news is they’re still doing their thing and they’ve changed their name to AutoErotique.


I have one of their tracks and a remix of theirs to share. The first is insanity, awesome build up, dope drums, deep ass bass, impresive to say the least. And the remix, Lykke Li again, I know what you’re thinking, but this screams originality and while subtle, it’s really mesmerizing. Turn it up and turn it out, this Wednesday in Hamilton at the Rock Bar (in Hess Village). Bring your friends! (Check the GnartyParly myspace for details)

AutoErotique – Ready or Not

Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)

Also, last week GnartyParly announced their new event, I’m On a Boat!!!! I hope you thought as I did upon reading the title; shit is going to hit the fan/water, and, wow. But yeah, check out the info on their myspace, it’s on July 30th and the boat itself, the Hamilton Harbour Queen, boards at 8pm and will be departing from 47 Discovery Drive (Foot of James N, by Williams Coffee Pub) at 9pm sharp. Its gunna be awesome and refreshing, at the same time!


So yeah, this is my first summer in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, as they say, haha, but yeah, in honour of the dope weather that has blessed the city thus far, some nostalgic tracks – throwback style. After stumbling on a brilliant DCUP remix to the same song, I had to throw up the original, which I have on an old compilation by the name of Back in the Day vol. 1. Whether you heard it at a roller gardens (oh shit!), on the dance floor, or though some headphones, so classic…

Indeep – Las Night a DJ Saved My Life

DCUP – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

And lastly, one more dope as fuck remix to a classic house track. Night Drugs, from Montpellier in France, drop the heat on this gem. I think you’ll all remember, as if you ever forgot, Daft Punk’s entrancing Face to Face. I am in love with this track and I’ve come to the conclusion we should all dance our lives away. Say what? Say word.

Daft Punk – Face to Face (Night Drugs Rework)

P.S. Mad peace and love.

Fresh Outta Weekend

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fake blood

Fake Blood created an absolutely bumpin’ remix to Miike Snow’s Animal.  You can’t go wrong when that bassline drops.  Those in Vancouver be sure to check em out at Richard’s On Richards this Saturday (Jun 27.09).   I am sure the show will be incredible.

Miike Snow – Animal (Fake Blood Remix)

Oh, and this one doesn’t get old.

Fake Blood – Mars

jean elan

Jean Elan has recently returned from his attempt at chopping Basement Jaxx’s Where’s Your Head At.  The song featured a mashup of backdrop noise, while the vocals ran fairly straightforward through the song-  similar to that of the original.  Luckily, those days are  behind us.  His remix to  Royksopp’s The Girl And The Robot is straight up dirty.  It has some heavy electro drops with a real pop flavour that can keep the most reluctant dancing.

Royksopp – The Girl And The Robot (Jean Elan Remix)

Now ‘Carpé Diem’ that Monday.