End of an Era

I’m not entirely sure if this has ever been mentioned on this blog before, but it all started with three friends and a party. That party just happened to go down where two of the three contributors to this blog live, the address: 317  Dope (as fuck) street. The house or the apartment is really not the point at all, it was always  what music we happened to be diggin’ on at the time, like what tracks would you want your homies (ladies and gents) to get their freak on to.

The blog is just getting started so that’s not going anywhere, but the “unofficial” 317 (I call it that b/c while being home for me, the place was a fucking dump and anyone who came and partied at our crib can testify), is coming to an end.

As sad and disruptive as change can sometimes be perceived as – we all know deep down that when you strip all the b/s away the situation isn’t really good or bad, it only “is” whatever you fuckin’ make it!

So, sorry for the shitty philosophizing and the banter, as usual, but It was personal – for myself and this house – call it a selfish moment. And don’t worry, its not all to get myself read, rather, its to get these tracks heard. So please, from all of us at 317, whether you’re just tuning in or you’ve been keeping us on rotation for a minute – we fucking love you, and we promise things will only get better.


Now, to get down to fucking business already, Keenhouse, who is down with Valerie, is really rad. The one Loose Shus track has been floating around for a couple months and the other tracks below are all new I think, not that it matters b/c I have been throwing one-man dance parties all evening to these tracks and besides their fifteen out of ten funk rating, there is really not much else to be said.

Well there is more to be honest, Fabian, who I really don’t know much about, has remixed Keenhouse‘s Civic Transit and not only does he kill it but if you check his myspace page, you may just find a gnarly remix to a Fred Falke track, but I’ll let you call my bluff on that one.

Loose Shus – Taurus (Keenhouse Remix)

Fitz and the Tantrums – Breakin’ the Chains of Love (Keenhouse Remix)

Keenhouse – Civic Transit (Fabian Remix)


And last but surely not least, LA Disco House just took another step up with the arrival of Human Life (no pun intended) and their style is poppy lyrics, melodic and catchy synth hooks with some splashes of dark/deep bass. This one just popped up on my radar as well so not much else is known, except according to their myspace they are supposed to be playing two shows with Alan Braxe – well, fuck me!

Human Life – To Forever

Peace and Love (and see you in Hamiltron)!!

3 Responses to “End of an Era”

  1. LA Disco House, ha. There really is a little revival scene out here isn’t there.

  2. You know we love you Bastille and yes there is def. a revival going on, but I have to ask, are you being honest or do I sense a hint of sarcasm?

  3. way to say peace …. dope tracks

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