Where’d My Roomies Go?

Today’s a sad day in the 317 world. I lost contact with my old homies who I used to run this blog with.  Moving on after undergrad allowed everyone to move on to new things.  So I guess it’s my turn to follow suit.  I’m temporarily putting the stop to this blog until I figure out the direction I want to take with it.  I don’t have the time to maintain an entire blog on my own and finish my academics right now.  However…

aerialnoise promo border

Bad news can always come with some good.  I’m moving to a new project entitled aerial noise.  Those guys have asked me to occasionally lend a hand with their site.  It’s a brand new MP3 blog along the same genre as us focusing on electro and disco.  This is a better fit for me as it gives me more time for school.

You’ll find a clean, crisp layout with direct downloads, streaming MP3 samples straight from the website, daily posts, monthly recaps, and the occasional interesting remark. The most inviting aspect is the daily posts.  Stop by every morning to get something new to start off your day.

So in reality the spirit of 317 (from my end at least) is simply moving on to another domain.   Thanks for helping us at 317 get this far! We may try to get this thing going again in the future but for now find me at aerial noise and let us know what you think.



8 Responses to “Where’d My Roomies Go?”

  1. apeswithbarrels Says:


    • i know :(. Although, I’ll be writing a lot over at the other site. Look for me there! haha I will transfer you over to the new blog roll B. Thanks for linking up with 317 and helping us grow.

  2. damn homie! look forward to the new stuff though

  3. hey just thought I’d drop a comment to say this: this site is amazing!

    its been a blast following it, and ill be sure to check out the new blog – but ill always be a 317 follower if its around in any shape or form. Thanks for all the awesome posts – loved the dead-on summer tracks especially

  4. hey this site (was?) amazing!!! you really did a great job here, always posting just great tracks. pls keep it up on the new site. see you there,

  5. adam, give my brother a call and harass him!

  6. We loved 317 Eelectro over at NMT and are sad to see it go. We will be sure to follow you on you’re new site. Let’s be sure to trad links. Best of luck!

  7. Cant believe it’s over….will never forget the Paul Epworth remix of Skeleton boy you showed me….best song ever..thanks

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