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Giftwrapped Weekend Fillers

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I am about to take off to the cottage for the weekend but before I do I wanted to post up a few tracks that I’ve been digging this past week…

Grum made his way back to me with this heavy take on Tommy Sparks’ Miracle.  This track is terrific. The combination of the chorus with Grum’s talented ability to provide a fitting backdrop speaks for itself.  I love the bassline.  This will be played a few times at the cottage I’m sure.  The producer/remixer kicks off an Australian tour just after Christmas so if you’re in the area hit it up.

Tommy Sparks – Miracle (Grum Remix)


The latest from Gloves was worth the wait.  Too Much To Dream is a b-side brought to us by Discodust and hones the dreamy synth filter sound that I love so much.  Soft and sensual, kick back and easily relax to this beauty.

Gloves – Too Much To Dream


This next track caught me off guard.  The SONIXX lightened up the hard hitting Bloody Beetroots for four minutes to make one stellar combination of traditional Beetroot mashing and light innovative music.  The vocals pop out the song a bit and help it reach that dreamy atmosphere I seem to be in for these last two songs.  It’s not your usual mix which is why I think I like it so much.

The Bloody Beetroots – Second Streets Have No Name (The SONIXX Remix)


This one’s for the cottage.  Maybe a little too melodic for some but I really dig it.  Love the vocals.

The XX – Shelter (Them Jeans Drum Edit)

Anyway, off to celebrate the 23rd in style.


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Who likes intense rhythms and dirty instrumentals? Loverboy brings both in these next two tracks. I can’t say enough about the music flowing through my speakers right now. Impulsion Cosmique definitely delivers and Loverboy sends his music with love!

Loverboy – Impulsion Cosmique

Loverboy – Loving You More

Mi Casa Su Casa: Spread Your Love

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I’ll be honest, I’m really excited to share some new music with everybody, something I haven’t done for a while, although you may have heard some of these tracks before, they caught me by surprise and proved their weight in gold – the proof is in the pudding.

First up is a new producer from Stockholm, Sweden, lovely place I hear, anyways, Odahl has been tearing shit up for months now in the blog world, I came fuckin’ close to posting his remix to that Luther Vandros track Never 2 Much months back when it popped up on my radar. To say the least, I’m stoked I saved his 317 debut to open with these two remixes, they’re pretty rad – with a dash of funk (especially the first one).

m_e0869554663a4e9e9e0a9f36de182ff2Aside: As a hockey (NHL) enthusiast I must say, I am not a fan of the Dallas stars (the star emblem above), that being said, the design is kinda cool, but Odahl kills it so I’m over it.

Cut Copy – Far Away (Odahl Remix)

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (Odahl Remix)

And just to prove I keep watch even though I’ve been absent, the remix that I and hopefully everyone else has been waiting for to Pony Pony Run Run‘s Hey You, by PPRR themselves!

Its fresh, upbeat and generally fuckin’ awesome. The original is my personal all time top download and I’m stoked I waited for the best remix out there to share. Also in the news: PPRR’s new album dropped recently so check their myspace and show some love, because lets be honest, these guys are fuckin’ dope.

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (PPRR Dance Remix)


Bastille + The Twelves

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Bastille Final

Bastille (not to be confused with UK’s Bastila) are among LA’s freshest faces.  Consisting of Julien Benichou and Michael Ulman, the two primarily produce electro-house beats but recently branched out in their first Remix Package.  It contains some very progressive beats, french filter house, and a dash of some great electro-funk bass.  Influenced from greats like Justice, The Bloody Beetroots, and later, Deadmau5 you definitely want to check this out. Enjoy these two tracks featured within the package itself. If you want a copy of the EP, toss Bastille an email.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sending you one.  They’re pretty chill like that.

The Jackson 5 – Life of the Party (Bastille’s Let’s Get Down Remix)

Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Bastille Remix Shortened Edit)

the twelves

The Twelves have been mad busy last week.  Remix after remix were being streamed from blogs all over.  Putting my own love for the guys aside, I hate to say, it but in my opinion the quality was very hit or miss between each track.  Nearly everyone covered the remix to Noah and the Whale’s Blue Skies.  I wasn’t feeling it though.  It just didn’t say “The Twelves” to me like ninety percent of the other remixes.  No big deal though because the Brazilian duo also released two dynamite mixes right after that.  Damn straight.  So here are the goods and they are very beach friendly.

Yuksek – So Far Away From The Sea (The Twelves Remix)

Database VS. French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends (The Twelves Remix)

Great Things Come In Pairs.

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To Honour the new Shooting Stars video release several artists have dropped great remixes to the track over the past few days.  Two dynamite renditions came in from Shazam and Kris Menace. In my mind Menace wins, but only barely.  Both toss up different and unique twists to an unbelievable original.

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Shazam Remix)


After hearing Cassian lay down an intense remix to Miami Horror here.  It wasn’t hard to find something else funky and great by them. This funky mix to Damn Arms’ Destination is right fresh.  Another Modular possible future great.  Follow their myspace to check out yet another great remix to Shooting Stars.  It may even be better than the two we could get our hands on.  Find it here!

Damn Arms – Destination (Cassian Remix)

Damn Arms – Destination (Jaunt Remix)


I ran into this gem about a week ago. Here I was at 3 AM and a little more drunk than usual.  The night was great- cool breeze, warm air.  I hit the balcony, lit one up and then this track came on.  It made me lay back, relax, and reminisce a bit.  Straying a little bit from the electro-side of things this bonus track reminds me much of what the Silversun Pickups had in Lazy Eye without the weak lyrics. I hope you dig this instrumental like I do.

Decoder Ring – Beat The Twilight

Heavy Cross Remixes

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I stumbled across a couple remixes to The Gossip’s Heavy Cross which recently caught my attention.  Black Lights and Fred Falke both lend a helping hand to churn out some good from the pop’d out original version.  While much of the vocals stay the same throughout each rendition, the beat has been completely revamped and disco’d out.  It’s hard to choose a fav between the two. I like how the Lights chop up the track and drop a funky bassline but its hard not to love Falke’s variations and musical interludes.  After all is done, Falke extends the track an additional 4 minutes.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Black Lights Remix)

Straight from the Strathcona Ruins

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Alright, I have a lot to show off so I’m just going to get down to business. There’s a lot here so take your time with the write-ups or go straight to downloading. Everything below has been carefully combed through to bring you a variety of goodness.

The release of Little Boots‘s New In Town is on the horizon with her recently seeking publicity through a new music video and some great new mixes to the debut single. The Golden Filter took this track and stellarized it. I don’t care if I have to make up words to get the point across. Bottom line is its good, and since I also don’t need to introduce The Golden Filter, here’s the magic:

Little Boots – New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix)

Heads We Dance used Little Boots in their latest production as well. It’s bordering on the indie-pop side and splits from the electro scene. Not typically my cup of tea but its mad catchy and some of you may dig it.

Heads We Dance feat Little Boots – Work It Out

I stumbled across the production version of Van She‘s remix to Groove Armada’s Drop The Tough thanks to ohh crappp. We posted this track earlier under the Bacardi B-Live program release. B-Live also released an unbelievable remix by The Twelves to Groove Armada if you missed it. Van She’s version is still spectacular, and the new quality and slight variation from the version I previously knew, brought it back to a prominent position in my library.

Groove Armada – Drop The Tough (Van She Remix) not B-Live version


Idiosyncracies by Kris Menace releases on May 15. However, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across a few excellent tracks that will make an appearance on the 37 track, 3 CD album. Kris Menace is a phenom and his sound and history should speak for itself. These tracks are pretty gold. Get em while you can tho, DMCA may be after us for this- but until then…

Kris Menace – Lightning

Kris Menace – Affinity

N.A.S.A.‘s track Gifted was steadily going around the internet before Aston Shuffle touched it up. I didn’t like it before, but I like it now. Regardless, the genre mix-up by tossing in vibes from a bunch of contributors is impressive in itself.

N.A.S.A. feat Kanye West, Santogold, Lykke Li – Gifted (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

Calvin Harris had another new remix drop recently that is great. I may be a little biased loving most of the new stuff Harris is making but check this and tell me I’m wrong. It’s a little off from the stuff we recently recognize him by with but it still is a good mix all the way through. Always worth checking out.

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)

This next track borders between house and electro while having some haunting melodic vocals from Peaches. The mix is pretty sharp. Peaches is coming into some Canadian areas in the future if this hits the spot for you.

4Peaches – I Feel Cream

Stumbling across the internet recovering from a cold last week led me to a couple house beats I enjoyed so here’s a little taste of that action:

Rampage – Loving U Is Easy
Satoshi Tomiie – Glow (Spirit Catcher Remix)
Bad Boy Bill – Falling Anthem (Herves We Are A Disaster Remix)
Ed Solo – Age Of Dub (Sludge 001)

Just to end things off on a ligther and more positive note.  VEGA made a lot of noise the past week with their track No Reasons. It’s a great feel good track, perfect and fitting for the dance floor all summer long. They have a real disco vibe, some delightful groovin synth, and great hair. If you haven’t caught it already, we’re happy to introduce you to No Reasons.

VEGA – No Reasons