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I Burn For You, You Burn For Me.

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late nite tuff guy

The latest from Adelaide’s HMC aka Late Night Tuff Guy off Lightspeed Recordings is excellent.  A Deal With God comes off Tuff Edits Vol. 1, and it comes highly recommended.  The track itself holds some heavy bass while bringing in some vocals that resemble the remarkable Stevie Nicks.  I’m not sure if this is a sample or someone lending a helping hand but you are amazing whoever you are.  I can’t get enough.  Keep an eye out for Lightspeed Recordings in the future.  They are doing some great stuff down under.

Late Night Tuff Guy – A Deal With God


Usually Marina And The Diamond‘s vocals are almost too soft for me despite the brilliance she holds.  The talent she has is undeniable.  We’ve all witnessed her softer side.  However, when she turns it up look out.  I caught The Outsider recently and wow, amazing.  We wouldn’t expect anything less but the originality here is something else and I dig the new vibes.

Marina And The Diamonds – The Outsider

Marina And The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Penguin Prison Remix)


Now to present my new favourite funk track.  You can say it has a pop feel but once that piano hits in the interlude I start to groove.  Tiedye gives this track exactly what it needs and I think it will definitely put a smile on your face.

DJ Kaos – Love The Nite Away (Tiedye Remix)


The Embassy – Lurkin (With A Distance) (Tensnake Remix)

End of an Era

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I’m not entirely sure if this has ever been mentioned on this blog before, but it all started with three friends and a party. That party just happened to go down where two of the three contributors to this blog live, the address: 317  Dope (as fuck) street. The house or the apartment is really not the point at all, it was always  what music we happened to be diggin’ on at the time, like what tracks would you want your homies (ladies and gents) to get their freak on to.

The blog is just getting started so that’s not going anywhere, but the “unofficial” 317 (I call it that b/c while being home for me, the place was a fucking dump and anyone who came and partied at our crib can testify), is coming to an end.

As sad and disruptive as change can sometimes be perceived as – we all know deep down that when you strip all the b/s away the situation isn’t really good or bad, it only “is” whatever you fuckin’ make it!

So, sorry for the shitty philosophizing and the banter, as usual, but It was personal – for myself and this house – call it a selfish moment. And don’t worry, its not all to get myself read, rather, its to get these tracks heard. So please, from all of us at 317, whether you’re just tuning in or you’ve been keeping us on rotation for a minute – we fucking love you, and we promise things will only get better.


Now, to get down to fucking business already, Keenhouse, who is down with Valerie, is really rad. The one Loose Shus track has been floating around for a couple months and the other tracks below are all new I think, not that it matters b/c I have been throwing one-man dance parties all evening to these tracks and besides their fifteen out of ten funk rating, there is really not much else to be said.

Well there is more to be honest, Fabian, who I really don’t know much about, has remixed Keenhouse‘s Civic Transit and not only does he kill it but if you check his myspace page, you may just find a gnarly remix to a Fred Falke track, but I’ll let you call my bluff on that one.

Loose Shus – Taurus (Keenhouse Remix)

Fitz and the Tantrums – Breakin’ the Chains of Love (Keenhouse Remix)

Keenhouse – Civic Transit (Fabian Remix)


And last but surely not least, LA Disco House just took another step up with the arrival of Human Life (no pun intended) and their style is poppy lyrics, melodic and catchy synth hooks with some splashes of dark/deep bass. This one just popped up on my radar as well so not much else is known, except according to their myspace they are supposed to be playing two shows with Alan Braxe – well, fuck me!

Human Life – To Forever

Peace and Love (and see you in Hamiltron)!!

Glitch Pop and the Seattle Scene

Posted in Electro, Funk, Indie, Soul on August 19, 2009 by megaphoneteeth


Not sure if i  am out of the loop on this one but came across this maniac by the name of Hudson Mohawke. To be honest I wasn’t digging on the his style but once the tracks came on a few times i couldn’t really get over the tracks, in fact i still can’t. Hud Mo, or DJ Itchy as he sometimes is refereed rocks out with the LuckyMe Collective, kind of a cool scene check it out. Mohawke has a bit of a choppy style which i have come to read is refereed to as “glitch pop”. Whatever the case may be, it is an interesting sound that has kinda grabbed my attention, check out the label for some other dope shit, Warp Records . Here are a few tracks to sink your teefs into, enjoy.

Hundson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues

Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5

Hudson Mohawke – Monde

I picked up the newest issue of BRM magazine the other day and stumbled across this gem of a documentary. Wheedle’s Groove looks dope, just heading back to the Seattle soul and funk scene. It is not out yet which is a shame but man does it look dope, here is a little sneak peak of what is to come. the end quotation is killer.

How to Keep Cool and Dance: Surviving the Heat Wave

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Well sports fans, its been a pretty crazy week up here in Ottawa – hot and humid as hell. I’m sure some people appreciate the spicy weather and I do as well, but the humidity makes it super sticky – whackness.

So to help all those in the nations capital (and anywhere else its hot out) to chill the fuck out and get used to the weather a little quicker. I’m going to do something I have never done before on this blog, back to back posts – the very next day! Fuck I’m stoked…

To start, a remix by DJ DLG, who I believe was born and raised in the US, yet his myspace says Togo! Craziness? Maybe, but who knows? In any case, he throws down a super fresh remix to Duck Sauce‘s (A-Trak + Armand Van Helden) new single, Anyway. Its really hype and has a very classic house feel with some epic build ups, sweeping synth fade outs and drops… Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Duck Sauce – Anyway (DJ DLG Bigroom Disco Mix)


Next up, one of 317’s favourite Britons  – GRUM, hailing from Leeds, is at it again. This time around he synths out Adam Freeland‘s Borderline and let me just say, the results are outstanding. A straight UK connection that we should be thankful for, because I personlly love this track and GRUM is quickly becoming one of my favourite current artists. Word is bond.

Freeland – Borderline (GRUM Remix)

Moving right along, Classixx from LA, got together with Jeppe from Korsbæk, Denmark, and laid down a banger. To be totally honest, at first the vocals kinda seemed a bit much and I wasn’t in love.

But, within maybe three listens this track had me, the synth is fucking nuts when the chorus hits and the lyrics, although I can’t understand Danish at all, suit the song quite well.  The synth is stuttered and echoed perfectly, with the funky base to back it all up, its really a tight and sharp sounding track.

Classixx feat. Jeppe – I’ll Get You

Last up and if you thought track #3 was a bit unusual for my completely unrefined taste, than you might shit your pants when you hear #4. No I’m kidding, you know I brought the goods, come on… So yeah, I’ve got a new Australian connection track, Calling In Sick, from New South Wales, has remixed  Sydney based Grafton Primary‘s All-Stars. And that would make this my aggressive track of the last two weeks, hope you dig.

Grafton Primary – All-Stars (Calling in Sick Remix)

Peace out and let us know what you think of the tracks in the comments section, please… You know we love you!

Cinnamon Chasers

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cinnamon chasers

Cinnamon Chasers are my favourite solo project when it comes to producing electro-pop melodies.  The track Luv Deluxe continues to be one of my top played instrumentals this year.  Since it came out, Russ Davies is only getting better.  He is known more for the softer/indie take on electro-pop instrumentals.  Lately his tracks are accompanied by dreamy soft vocals; although, its nothing to heavy that would detract from Davies signature sound.  If you want to follow up, be sure to check out the various tracks the Cinnamon Chasers are promoting via myspace.

Diamond Cut recently took notice and churned out a remix to the Chaser’s track I Like Watching You.  Adding a bit of flare and a catchy dance vibe the two combine to create one dreamy disco track.

Cinnamon Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix)

DFM Remix Contest: Jul 31.09

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Our friends over at Dance Floor Mayhem have teamed up with TV OFF to announce a remix contest to Music Machine.  Entries are due July 31.09 by 8 pm EST (5 pm PST).  All the bits and pieces are available to download here.  One entry per person.  Winners get cool shit. Go nuts!

Forward questions and submissions to:

On a side note Ottawa’s Bluesfest is alive throughout the city.  If you’re in the area check the lineup and come join us. Cheap tickets, great music, multiple stages, all day.  Here’s a little something from the archives to help soak it all in.

College Feat. Minitel Rose – The Energy Story (DVAS Remix)

Dance Til You’re Dead

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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are hitting the city in a couple weeks (Jul 19.09) thanks to the delightful lineup within Ottawa’s Bluesfest.  With recently adding over 70 (Seventy) shows in the Market the event is becoming better and better.  In other words, finding a great show in the Nation’s Capital the next couple of weeks should not be hard.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are worth the mention after coincidentally running into a pretty decent remix to Heads Will Roll by DIGIRAATII. So as a little 1- 2 punch, go see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Bluesfest and check out this track.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (DIGIRAATII’s Dance Til You’re Dead Remix)

Check out the full Ottawa Bluesfest lineup here.  Keep in mind there’s 8 stages which you can toggle through on the left side of the page.  For ticket information, click here.