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Summer Lineup ’09

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With artists starting to release their summer show listings, we finalized our first edition of the 2009 Canadian summer concert listings (located bottom right sidebar). However, the season is still early. Expect a plethora of additions and some rare cancellations. So keep an eye out for any activity marked with an asterisk*

Please let us know if you have heard of anything new. We like to keep tabs on it all.

That being said, what’s looking good right now?

Junior Boys (Babylon in Ottawa, May 10.09)The new wave sound the Junior Boys create are hitting the nation’s capital on Sunday. This will be the bands last stop in North America before heading out to Germany. It’s a little short notice but knowing Babylon expect tickets at the door. Plan ahead and call if you’re a skeptic (613-594-0003). While I have yet to see a Junior Boys show, I have been an avid fan for a couple years now and I would think they would know how to throw down. One could even say we’ve been talking about this since early February. Here’s something to test the water with:


Junior Boys feat. Andi Tomi – In The Morning

Next up…

Crystal Castles (Sound Academy in Toronto, July 25.09)Rumour has it Cut Copy could be joining the Castles mid-summer for another great dance party. Crystal Castles would be a great show in itself but the addition of CC would be extroadinary. This news is coming from a friend (and, so if we’re wrong. we’ll post Luke’s phone number and address for you. If the Castles were not phenomenal I may have waited but since they are excellent, plan ahead and get them while you can.


Crystal Castles – Air War


Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts
(August 1st weekend festival in Montreal)

Osheaga promises to be one hell of a party this year. Changing it up a bit the festival kicks off July 30th and 31st by hosting some incredible bands and DJ talent in the some of the city’s hottest venues.

The following weekend is traditional goodness. Purchase a wristband and set up shop for the entire weekend or purchase tickets for an individual day. Either way you can’t go wrong. Keep in mind additions could still happen.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Winter Gloves
Silver Starling
Josh Ritter
Kitty Daisy & Lewis
Lykke Li
Girl Talk
Jason Mraz
The Roots

Headliner: Coldplay

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

The Honey Brothers
Le Volume Etait Au Maximum
The Ting Tings
Crystal Castles
The Decembrists
Arctic Monkets
Rufus Wainwright

Headliner: Beastie Boys

Hopefully some of these shows, or at least a few others get you excited for the sunny days and warm temperature to come. More updates to come in the future.

Helping You Burn That Midnight Oil

Posted in Club, Dance, Disco, Electro, Electronica, House, Industrial, Pop, Powerpop, Techno with tags , , , , , , , on May 3, 2009 by megaphoneteeth

Yo, yo, yo Qwantums back on the mix after quite some time and he’s got a couple of bangers for you all. Although I have been out of the 317 loop for a bit I still got a couple gems that will vindicate my absence. School is finished for now, work and the summer semester are about to begin, which I have mixed feelings about but I am sure I will get over them. Anyways enough of the chitter chatter, it is time to pony up and get this show on the road.
First off, we got this nuck Feadz from France (hit up his MySpace to check out some sample tracks from his new album) doing some killer stuff. Maybe I am late to the game but I haven’t come across this guy before so check these bad boys out and show him some love. These tracks have a real midnight sound to them. I don’t really know any other way to describe it. They have sort of an end-of-the-night feel in which all you want is to go out strong and split some hardwood before it is time to drag your ass home. Anyways, I yammer, here are the tracks for you to enjoy (especially the Numanoid track).


Feadz – Edwrecker

Feadz – Numanoid

Man I wasn’t going to throw up this these remixes but I cannot resist now after listening to them again. These are two bangers that you guys must check out. Feadz rips on both these remixes; both Modeselektor and Boys Noize should be proud and frankly, amazed. Enjoy.
Modselektor – Suckerpin (Feadz Remix)
Boys Noize – Lava Lava (Fedz Aval Aval Remix)

I know a thing or two about history. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire, colonization, the French Revolution … but what I didn’t know is that Napoleon never sleeps. This group is interesting; they have got a real disco feel to them, which is nice and light. Check out their MySpace for some more tunes. I have throw up these two in hopes to spark some interest. Check these guys out, they’ve got a little bit of flow. Enjoy.
Napoleon Never Sleeps – 5-6-7-8
Napoleon Never Sleeps – D.I.S.C.O.

These are a couple that I thought I would throw in the mix, nothing interesting to note, or say. Just check it out. Hope you dig.
K.I.M. – Wet N’ Wild (Midnight Juggernaut Remix)

Now for a little something to help burn that midnight oil …

Frank Pleyer, well I haven’t been able to find much information on the man, but my friends this is one of the smoothest tracks I have ever heard. The beautiful sound of the Fender Rhodes electric piano, coupled with the thick repeating fretless bass line, and scantily clad drum line … dope. Wait for it, yea … there are horns. This track defines slower burner for me. Dynamically, this track doesn’t go too far off course, coming back to that original motif again and again, but wow ladies and gentlemen, you can’t ask for more. This is soul/jazz at some of its instrumental fineness without even diverging to far from the original lick. I am sure this track has been sampled before, I have haven’t heard the tune but please let me know if you have come across it. To be honest, it is 3 in the morning and I have had this track on repeat for about 20 minutes now, I can’t over it. When that interlude comes up wait for the drum fill, and then the horns will take over the bass line just for a second, ugh just kills me. Smooth, smooth, smooth, this is baby making music. Please enjoy this one; I don’t think I will come across one like this for some time.
Frank Pleyer – Sally

If you dig on the Pleyer track, peep this one too … not as smooth but has got a lovely bass line and some playful piano. At about 0:50, the guitar hoops in for its appearance and kills it. Why does no one make music like this anymore?

Keep it Gully Kids,

FAQ (Five Annual Quests)

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Hallo, hallo, what the fuck is going on dudes and dudettes, its super good to see everybody. This week, thanks to some creative criticism on the part of some of our readers (peace to ehmos), I have decided to try out a new format for my posts – less typing and a max. of 5 tracks per post.

Personally, this last week has been beyond gnarly and it only seems to be getting crazier. As such, the tracks for this week’s post had to reflect the tip I’ve been on, ‘cuz “straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungle…”(Nas – “Represent”). I hate to be pessimistic and blunt, but I’m not trying to get down on you, I’m trying to light a fire under you; carpe fuckin’ diem yo! And to prove my intentions are righteous I brought along some fresh new tracks to share…

First up is an awesome new DJ out of Montreal – represent!- by the name of Kid Legit. And, suffice to say, the track I have here, a remix by the boy/man himself, proves its not just a clever name. Mad shout outs to Gnarty Parly for introducing me to this banger, which is more of a fuckin’ anthem, or at least it should be and its all madness from about 20 sec. in when the crazy synth loop drops. It is so hype, never mind the catastrophic build-up at the mid-way mark; straight dope, for serious…

Love Thy Brother – Get Your Back Up (Kid Legit Remix)

Next up, another remix by a local favourite, (formally DJ) Barletta. Yeah, we love Barletta here at 317 and this track takes my love, for one half of Mansion, to the next level with what seems to be a move towards a more disco-ish type electro-house vibe. Just a little less aggressive then the usual Barletta banger, but nonetheless, the lack of grimmeness (which is a good thing) is made up for amplified disco synth loops and the result: this is one of the illest Barletta remixes that has ever graced my ears. I have mad faith in this one, so get your dl on and pump up the volume…

Meech – Bottom of The Fourth (DJ Barletta Remix)

Number three, one of the craziest remixes I have come across in a while and its up there with the likes of Justice remixing Lenny Kravitz or U2, but way better. So yeah, this one is a single off of U2’s newest album, which is coming out super soon, if it hasn’t already. Not that I have anything against Bono or the rest of U2, but to be brutally honest, after the Joshua Tree, shit got kinda weak. Long story short, thank whomever deity you worship for Fred Falke and his blessed skills, ‘cuz this track is money-tits (sorry for the deragatory statement). Definitely an awesome twist on a way too popped-out band…

U2 – Magnificient (Fred Falke Remix – Edit)

Moving right along, Calvin Harris is the man and the track which is featured here is one of his latest singles which has been widely circulating the net, and its madness. A little longer at just over 8 minutes and some may even say its a little repetitive, but Deadmau5 kills it. Think hype house-disco, with some clean, classy and smooth loops, echoed with amazing breaks that keep you anticipating more magic. If you heard the original, which if you haven’t you really should think about doing, you may agree that this remix is a true change of pace, but one that is very fucking fresh and compliments Harris’ own dope style. Dare I say, epic…

Calvin Harris – Can You See The Light (Deadmau5 Remix)

Lately I seem to have been on a little bit of a French tip and lets be honest, les Francais represent hard, seemingly in any genre of music, but oh how they love to dance and this last track is no exception; straight heat/hot to def. Pony Pony Run Run, the people responsible for this gourmet audio treat, seem to be ranging on the more disco and indie side of the electronic spectrum, with a heavy injection of funk – a.k.a. – its catchy as fuck. This track has been putting a smile on my face every time I’ve listened to it; its tons of fun, enjoy, oh and these guys have their new album out on June 15th, so keep your ears to the streets.

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You

Can’t say goodbye without a big fat word up, with tons of representin’ thrown in as well. Post up in zee comments section, we love to hear from you and let me know what you think of the new format idea. Word is bond and keep your game(s) tight… Peace and Love.

The Masters

Posted in Club, Electronica, House, Industrial, Techno with tags , on April 13, 2009 by adam
Doves are a project I found out about accidentally the other week. The latest album, entitled Kingdom of Rust, recently came out April 6th. I haven’t had the pleasure of checking it out yet, but that’s on today’s to-do list along with the hours of other work in the queue. I seriously recommend checking out the Still Going remix to the latest Doves single. It is chilling and a perfect cure for a hangover.
Doves – Kingdom of Rust (Still Going Remix)  (DMCA rbr)

By now we all know that the Crookers present something a little bit harder…


About a month ago (March 11, 2009) I posted a track by DJ Mujava that had well some real shitty sound quality- sorry about that. Anyways, last week I stumbled across a remix done by the none other, extremely talented Crookers remix to the track in question. If you haven’t heard the orig I’m talking about, check the previous post here (keep in mind the quality). However, this new track has no sound issues (other then it sounding pretty damn good). The Crookers add in a little of their own flare but for the most part leave the backbone of the track untouched. I think this speaks to how solid Mujava’s Township Funk really kills it. Oh and if you know any Armand Van Helden… see if you can spot the sample up front.

Mujava – Township Funk (Phra Crookers Supertrance Refix)

While we’re talking about the Crookers I had to mention an old fav that redthreat resurfaced the other day. This track debuted in March 2008- almost 2 years into the Crooks career. Trash is a hard techno delight that features what I’m going to call “the techno strum,” which is ill. Enjoy the throwback.

The Whip – Trash (Crookers Remix)

Up North Trip

Posted in Dance, Electro, Electronica, Experimental, Industrial with tags on February 8, 2009 by erger

Let me begin by saying there is nothing quite like enjoying good music with great people and friends. So this post and the working title have little to do with the seminal Mobb Deep track, but the track mentioned does refer to my crew of friends that came to visit me in Ottawa this weekend and also attended the aforementioned show @ Babylon on Sat. Feb. 7th w/ Jokers of the Scene and Andy Butler from Hercules and Love Affair. To cut to the chase, mad shout outs, peace and even more love to the neighborhood crew representin’ Hamiltron!!!! And word up to Gnarty Parly!!! (more to come on these dudes sooner than later…)

To further cut to the chase, the show was fucking brilliant, we effectively danced the night away, peace to the jokers of the scene, they held down the home turff with style and grandeur all their own. As for Andy Butler, yeah you could say he killed it, you could say it was fun, you could even go so far as to say that it was a great set that seemed to go ’till 3am and the reality was: Ottawa + Andy Butler = love.Moving onwards, talk of fun and love inspires more fun and love I think, in any case, this weekend I also stumbled upon a lovely remix by an Italian fellow named Broke One who hails from the northern city of Lecco. The song, “Blue Dream Lover”, is originally done by the down under Gold Coasters Elke. A pretty fresh track on its own, no doubt, however, while Broke One may not be a religious man he has surely blessed this track. Whether its the glorious synth/bit-mashed breakdowns, or that little extra added funky disco vibe care of a beefed up base line has, no doubt, made a priceless heirloom out of a gem of a track. Aside, you can tell I am in a great mood because the terrible puns are flowing. And now the goods…


Elke – Blue Dream Lover (BROKE ONE Remix)So after some research, I found that this fine Italian beat-craftsman is up to no good. And by “no good” I mean he fuckin’ keeps it real. Mad love to BigStereo for the tracks which I am about to share. I was kinda vibin’ more off the two remixes, but its literally all rad. Let me know what you ladies gents think in zee comments sectioné. cash money.

Casa Del Mirto – Bad Girls Surf (BROKE ONE Remix)

The Phonograph – Erasmus (BROKE ONE Remix)

Broke One – Tempo

Broke One – EVRBD!

Broke One – The New Wave

On the same tip, not to say that the remixes aren’t funky or whatever, because it doesn’t really matter, they’re dope in their own right, but the Casa Del Mirto and The Phonograph remixes display a little grittier dance style than the three of his original tracks. His own stuff is definitely got a little more funky disco vibe. Either way the name of this Italian’s game is diversity, as Lauryn Hill said, “many styles – more powerful than gamma rays”. Check the blog world out for his other remixes, not too shabby. ciao for now.

Hercules And Love Affair and Jokers Of The Scene

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Come one come all to the hottest thing in Ottawa this week, no fucking pun intended for those caught outside, but in all honesty Babylon is hosting a sick DJ set this Saturday, February 7th. Local Ottawa electro-jam pioneers, Jokers of the Scene (pictured below) are playing with, I believe Andy Butler, the mastermind of Hercules and Love Affair (pictured at the top), DFA‘s newest creation. In all fairness, in the case of Hercules and Love Affair, I am classically behind schedule with this one, the album debut was in March of ’08 I believe, in any case, the band consists of, as mentioned above, the man, the myth, the legend: Andy Butler, Nomi Ruiz, Kim Ann Foxman and Antony Hegarty (from Anthony and the Johnstons).

So yeah these guys have brought something very fresh, funky, add a healthy dosage of disco vibes and some amazing vocals, from Antony Hegarty in particular. The tracks I’m gunna post up here feature Antony on vocals and their is no coincidence as I have a serious crush on this dude’s style, pure dopeness! I digress, first the madness of “Blind”, what a track, almost spooky and ethereal, but so real and infectious, the second, “Raise Me Up” features some great up-beat synth-keyboard breakdowns, and yet another entrancing baseline. ‘nuf said.

Hercules and Love Affair – Blind

Hercules and Love Affair – Raise Me Up

Next up is some material from the local boys, the Jokers. First, a dope remix of a slightly older track, by non other than Mr. Andy George and Scott Cooper. This track is sick, a little repetitive, but not so much that it stops you from moving about like a disco zombie (overused term!), whatever as Babylon would say, its all gravy. Second up by the Jokers is a track I’m not too big on, although it does have a dope piano loop and some pretty rad lyrics/vocals. In any case, I don’t want to sound like a hater, so I’ll just say it doesn’t get me moving like the other track does, but it definitely portrays a different direction in their style and vibe. say what? say WORD!

One Bloody Sunday – Jokers of the SceneJump and Twist (Jokers of the Scene Remix) – Scott Cooper and Andy George

And one last treat for all you lovers of old house/even older disco/funk and soul. Recently, my/our good friend Adam posted up an amazing old jam by the mysterious and wonderful Stardust. Behind the pure gold single, “Music Sounds Better With You”, lies an interesting and almost as equally catchy soulful jam by the diva herself Chaka Khan. Thank You Wikipedia! As promised, the original sample to “Music Sounds Better With You” by Stardust. Listen close for the sample, although its pretty easy to catch.

Chaka Khan – Fate

catch all those who can make it this Saturday @ Babylon in Ottawa, its gunna be a banger!
peace and love. erger.