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lisa(photo: digitracs)

DCUP‘s latest is another exceptional remix.  This time the Sydney-based producer tossed up a unique spin to the Prior’s track What You Need.  It’s fresh out the oven and couldn’t be any more delicious.

Priors – What You Need (DCUP Remix)


We missed out on several remixes to 317 newcomer Bestrack last week while we were moving.  He recently released his debut EP Sunset City and it is simply banging.  Everything I have heard from him is brilliant.  If you don’t have these tracks below, you need em.  Every track offers something raw and unique.  If you dig what you hear check out the EP.  You won’t be disappointed.

The remix Justin Faust throws down is killer.  It is guaranteed to get the floors going.

GRUM – Woah (Bestrack Remix)

Bestrack – With You (Justin Faust)

Madonna – Into The Groove (Bestrack Remix)


Here’s something perfect to finally put an end to summer.  I know it’s a little early but let’s face it, school’s in session and no one is booking anymore summer vacays.  Night Max is another entangled member of the very fierce YALL production package we keep hearing so much about from Barcelona.  He is very, very talented.  Check out some earlier stuff here.

Night Max – Beach Hut (192)

I caught hold of Mark Ronson‘s dub-reggae take to Miike Snow‘s Animal and wow is it ever fresh.  The horn and key segment near the middle is perfect.  To be honest I’m not quite sure how he masks the vocals to adapt to his funky-ass beat but he does, and it couldn’t be any smoother.

Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson)


Gossip – Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix) (.mp4)

This is the Urban Jungle so please, Grab a Vine …

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Got a couple bangers this evening so pay attention and keep it tight. Holy Fuck are a blasting Canadian combo getting some serious attention in world scene. Check out this killer remix of one of my favourite musical personalities Royksopp. Just going to keep in nice and simple for the time being, check out some more of Holy Fuck’s tracks or you will disappointed when they become a hipster staple and you weren’t there when they were still “unknown” and not lame. In the spirit of profanity, fuck it .. i am going to toss up another track, this one is a little darker, but still has a decent vibe to it.

Holy Fuck 1

Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Holy Fuck Remix)

Holy Fuck – Jungles

To keep in the spirit of summer, and revived interest in a particular style of music, here is another beautiful reggae track for your lazy afternoon playlist. A gentlemen by the name of Nicky Thomas on the legendary Trojan Records label. To accompany this gem, here is another track, not for everyone i might add but has some serious roots influence, so live life and enjoy these bad boys. BUKKA.

nicky thomas

Nicky Thomas – BBC

Niney – Blood and Fire

These guys are dope, pretty much blasting electronic notes at you, as if they were a radical cybrog version of J. Coltrane and his wiley ass trumpet in his heroin days but obviously more rigid, for he is a robot. This comparison is pushing it far, but i thought it was interesting, and might have been my first impression. Anyways, live life, hit these badboys up, now. Thank the docking station for this little, whirlwind of funk and noise.


WZRDZ – Woodland Creatures House Party

WZRDZ – Junglishious

WZRDZ – For the Ladies

(At about 2:30, this track gets serious!! so turn it up)

Keep it Gully Kids,