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Night Flight

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night flight

This track is awesome.  Amazing disco vibes that hail samples from the incredible Stevie Wonder.  The long instrumental interlude is so impressive Stevie’s vocals are not really needed; but when those sample’s do come in.. wow, he kills it.  I know a few other great instrumentals by The Revenge, however nothing quite hits me like this.

The Revenge (Stevie Wonder) – Night Flight

Electric Wire Hustle

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Wellington, New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle are out to prove soul and funk are alive and well.  This track is disgustingly good. Mara TK does an exceptional job with the lyrics and if these guys can continue to produce gems this good, watch for them to easily compete with the best out there.  They had their first vinyl, a 12″ EP released through Wonderful Noise Records Japan, and also just released another self-titled EP last July.  Hit up both if you’re diggin’ the goodness below.

Electric Wire Hustle – They Don’t Want Me

Free Your Mind.

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turzi and co

There’s been tons of new goodness coming out this past week.  I’m so stoked to share these tracks! Last night also marked the opener to the 2009 NHL season.  Fuck yeah, I’m all smiles!

New beats in Buenos Aires!  (I hope they knew before we all did).  Tellier & Turzi connected to give us one hell of an instrumental.  Whether its knockin down harmony or throwing together some great dance beats these boys know how to get it done.  This mix has some great rhythm to it, and if you let it, will easily eat the next five minutes of your life in a surreal way.

Turzi & Sebastien Tellier – Buenos Aires


The XX are phenomenal.  Their sound is largely eclectic and very original.  I jumped onto the wagon when they first appeared on here a few weeks ago.  Absolute perfect for those seeking a chill, mood track.  This song below is an extended edit.  Therefore it has been extended into a bar of solid gold.  Recommended for those seeking to drift off into the night and simply fade away.

The XX – Night Time (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow Extended Edit)


Cut Copy graced everyone last week with a new remix, and what a remix at that.  Their spin on Munk’s Back Down is excellent, but hey I’m a bit biased when it comes to Cut Copy having loved almost everything by them since being first introduced to the Australian crew.  But seriously how can one not be stoked over this when those keys interrupt the interlude a minute and a half into the sequence?

Munk – Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)


These final two tracks are unreal and they were both introduced to me by Tracasseur. Although, it was especially nice of them to put Lifelike back on our radar by posting a great interview, which you can all read here.  I thought my Lifelike library was fairly extensive but those guys showed me I was missing one large extensive piece to the collection.  Everything about this track is solid, I’m not sure where to begin but I would ‘dub’ it one of the best electro-dance love songs I’ve heard in a long time.  Thanks fellas.

Lifelike – Running Out (Extended Version)


ODahl, ODahl! Tesla Boy does make a beauty canvas to use, however this new mix to Electric Lady is something else.  Try to stay still and play this.  Didn’t work did it?  Get your boogie on.

Tesla Boy – Electric Lady (ODahl Remix)

Simply Groovin!

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Disco Deviance is deliciously funky.  Get On Up, my personal favourite, is from a short 12″ that also includes Pushin On.  The track list is small but it’s a powerful combination.  The vocals carry themes of early soul music. Echoing a real retro sensation with contemporary electro beats makes this into one hell of a disco delight.  You will definitely be groovin’ to this if either of those genres tickle your fancy.

Disco Deviance – Get On Up (Situation Edit)


Another dynamite remix from Night Drugs! These guys are stellar and the track featured below is no exception.  They cite their major influences as James Brown and A-Trak so you know a rooted funk  mix is on the way.  Star-t is an upbeat electro-funk track worth checking into.  Catchy and constant right through.

Titan – Star-t (Night Drugs Remix)


Moving away from the funky electro beats, I came across an older mix from UK native T.E.D.D. It  uses some pretty historic house samples in which I’m sure many of you will recognize.  The switch from house to disco-electro throughout is great for the dancefloor.  So much I’m looking forward to the next party to through this one down again.

T.E.D.D. – Lady Riding

If You Wanna Come See Me

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Beni & Sam Sparro recently released their official video to the relatively-new track Maximus.  I’ve jumped back on the track since watching it.  There’s something pure about watching little kids dance, especially the kids used within this music video. They just carry and transcend positive vibes.

Beni & Sam Sparrow – Maximus (Original Edit)

pete heller

Oh Pete Heller! I have been waiting around for a song like this to hit me for some time.  His own personal remix encompasses a lot in nine minutes but every bit of it is great.  Big Love contains remnants of some sweet Jazz-electro and soul.  It is delicious in every way, with fade ups and downs, ending with one great dreamy soundscape.  I got big love for Big Love!

Peter Heller – Big Love (Heller’s Original Mix)

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires new remix to Phoenix‘s Fences took me awhile to get used to.  It falls a bit from the typical dance anthems we’ve been accustomed to over the last little while by the trio.  It also has that very mainstream catchy feel to it.  Maybe that’s what’s bothering me? Maybe it’s lacking the typical hook that usually captivates me through most of their tracks? I don’t know. Regardless, I’m now warming up to the new mix, but slowly.  Check this out if you don’t already have it and let me know I’m not just nitpicking on the Fires.

Phoenix – Fences (Friendly Fires Remix)


I found a damn good dub mix to Jazzanova‘s I Can See, a track that instantly became a classic to me once DCUP touched it up (here).  Now DocDaneeka is giving it a shot.  His dub-bump mix is laced with some heavy beats but maintains the original catchy jazz sequence that attracted me to the track in the first place.  The result is a powerful combination.

Jazzanova – I Can See (DocDaneeka’s dub-bump mix)


Baxter hit the blogosphere by storm this past week with the release of Proof.  While it’s worth the buzz, I still don’t think it comes close to the likes of this next beauty.  Placid Mind is an epic tease of electro and melodic vocals.  Look for the breakdown three and a half minutes in, it’s gold.

Baxter – Placid Mind


Here’s some dynamite material I passed over last week that deserves a second go.  Enjoy!

Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix) *****

Touch Sensitive – Body Stop ***

The Golden Filter – Thunderbird

Mujava – Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)

Glitch Pop and the Seattle Scene

Posted in Electro, Funk, Indie, Soul on August 19, 2009 by megaphoneteeth


Not sure if i  am out of the loop on this one but came across this maniac by the name of Hudson Mohawke. To be honest I wasn’t digging on the his style but once the tracks came on a few times i couldn’t really get over the tracks, in fact i still can’t. Hud Mo, or DJ Itchy as he sometimes is refereed rocks out with the LuckyMe Collective, kind of a cool scene check it out. Mohawke has a bit of a choppy style which i have come to read is refereed to as “glitch pop”. Whatever the case may be, it is an interesting sound that has kinda grabbed my attention, check out the label for some other dope shit, Warp Records . Here are a few tracks to sink your teefs into, enjoy.

Hundson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues

Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5

Hudson Mohawke – Monde

I picked up the newest issue of BRM magazine the other day and stumbled across this gem of a documentary. Wheedle’s Groove looks dope, just heading back to the Seattle soul and funk scene. It is not out yet which is a shame but man does it look dope, here is a little sneak peak of what is to come. the end quotation is killer.

Bad Electricity? Lifelike and Lovebirds

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How good can Lifelike get? I don’t know how but he seems to turn a lot of shit into gold; including this Moby track. It’s short, but at just under 3 minutes it leaves a serious mark. If there’s anyone out there with access to a plane who would want to take us to go see Lifelike in Stockholm August 29.09, let us know. Haha. We love flying.  Much props to LA Friendly for yet another top notch release.

Moby – Mistakes (Lifelike Remix)


Lovebirds are brilliant.  Modern Stalking is a track that can instantly put you on cruise control if it catches you just right. Combining Soul, Funk, and House, tho solo project from Sebastian Doering is fantastic.  He promotes his music as a ‘blast from the past with house steroids.’  Interesting, no?  The first Lovebirds release came with the Modern Stalking EP in April 2007.  It contained some mid-tempo house and flares of funk that caught a lot of public attention.  Moreover, it showed what Doering was capable of.  Having dabbled through production and music since 1998, Modern Stalking was no fluke.  To prove it you can check out more at their myspace but nothing quite hits like this.

Modern Stalking – Lovebirds