erger – (posts in disco, house, electro, indie, synth-pop, and etc.)

I was brought up listening to soul, funk, a little jazz and classic rock. Growing up, my first piece of music was the the album Are You Gunna Go My Way by the infamous Lenny Kravitz. In any event, I got hooked on hip-hop as a teen and soon dug deeper into the samples of some of my favourite songs, which lead me back to the start.

From there I went nuts and two things happend to me in 05/06; I heard Cut Copy’s debut album – Bright Like Neon Love and simultaneously that summer was given my first pair of boat/deck shoes (so fresh) and more importantly came to worship Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework and listened to it every party night that summer, to get the party juices flowing of course. The results were un-fuckin’-real.

So I guess I’m all over the place, similar to my friends (and contributors) on this blog, but lately I have had a resurgence in old and new house alike, electro and of course, disco. When it really comes down to it, I want to post some dope tracks that will make you want to dance/party your life away.

megaphoneteeth (posts in electro, funk, soul, disco, indie, folk)

Not even sure where to start … grew up on the punk and metal scene in the early years but developed more of an ear as time went on. Really dig on raw, soulful and talented music, simply. I like to groove but also party, if that makes any sense. Fresh grooves and a fresh sound is what i am about. Over the last little while i have been really into the soul, funk and disco scene while staying tied to the roots of my initial music convictions.

adam – (posts in electro, dance, disco, house, funk)

Asking me to describe my music taste is very difficult.  I’ve listened and dabbled in a little bit of everything over the years including every type of rock (love the classic rock), soul, jazz, hip hop, rap, metal, indie and so on.  I think everyone needs to search every genre of music to know exactly what they dig.  Over the past four years I have slowly turned towards electro and disco house.  I attribute most of that to the banger dance beats that flooded everyone’s speakers, including mine, in the early 90s.  Today we play music that gets people moving.  A good party is not a still party.  Turn these songs up and just let go.

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