Submission/Contact Info

Music Submissions:

If you’re an artist or promoter looking to submit music our way you should know the following:

1. We generally do not share full length mixtapes, albums, or video content

If anything we post links to where visitors can obtain these things if they want them and we usually only promote full length songs.

2. We do listen to everything!

But with the imbalanced ratio of submissions to posts, we can’t post everything and remain current at the same time.  Chances are if your stuff is good it definitely stays in our library and will most likely come up later on the blog.  We do try to get back to everyone so if you haven’t heard from us after awhile send us a follow up e-mail telling us to get our act together.

send all submissions to or through our soundcloud dropbox at:

Contact Information:

Contact us primarily through our email at

Although useful alternatives may be through facebook or myspace.

If you’re feeling generous, feel free to send us some hard copies of your stuff to throw down at our parties. We accept anything shiny. Send all snail mail to:

3-72 Lavergne St.

Ottawa, ON

K1L 5G1

Fellow Music Bloggers:

We love hearing about new blogs to check out.  If you own a blog and want us to look into it, drop us a line via email or post a comment below including the URL address.  If you cover relatively the same genré and update regularly we would be more than happy to post a link to your site in our blog roll.  If you blog roll us, be sure to let us know so we can return the favour.

Any other information or questions regarding the use of this site should be forwarded to our email address.

Thank You,

The 317 electro crew

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