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Autumn Woes

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Sept 22 already?  Time flies.  Posts are going to slow down a bit for me, but in turn get bigger. As I progress further into the semester, university tends to eat up the majority of my free time.  Compounded by homework, my job, and planning one hell of a dance party for next semester, time is rather limited.  Although we’ll still have weekly updates with lots of good noise for your ears.  Speaking of which, check out the following:

I stumbled across a funky electric treat from the Sydney based duo DCUP the other day.  The two really know how to create mesmerizing beats that mix genre and style to produce a unique original sound unmatched in the industry. The sax is brilliant. Funky, funky, funky!

Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife On The Black Market (DCUP Remix)


I’m going to be one of the last blogs to cover this track but it is definitely THE disco-house track of the past week.  Fred Falke delivers again and with his synth flare’s and electric drops it’s hard not to want to keep this track on repeat.  More including this can be found off BURNS‘ new EP entitled Teknique and can be purchased off beatport.

BURNS – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)


Missing summer already I turned to the Standing On The Shore remixes to bring a little bit of it back in my life.  The best by far came from Cassian and Lifelike.  Each are unique and bring something new to the table.  Lifelike takes the title literally and reconstructed an instrumental fitting for the shore.  Cassian returns this track to the dance floor.  Both are great for different moments and moods, all pending where you are and what you’re digging.

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Cassian Remix)

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Lifelike Remix)

Lifelike is a busy man.  Here’s another eclectic dreamy soundscape produced by the French man himself. Stellar stuff.

Lifelike – Discomachine

dada life

This next track is for all you heavier, aggressive junkies out there.  Generally this isn’t for me, but the powerful ups and down’s, crazy drum intro, along the Beetroots signature synth drop makes it very difficult to not want to throw yourself around wherever you are.  Dada Life and Alex Gopher… you make gooooooood music!

Alex Gopher – Handguns (Dada Life Remix)

Great Things Come In Pairs.

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To Honour the new Shooting Stars video release several artists have dropped great remixes to the track over the past few days.  Two dynamite renditions came in from Shazam and Kris Menace. In my mind Menace wins, but only barely.  Both toss up different and unique twists to an unbelievable original.

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Shazam Remix)


After hearing Cassian lay down an intense remix to Miami Horror here.  It wasn’t hard to find something else funky and great by them. This funky mix to Damn Arms’ Destination is right fresh.  Another Modular possible future great.  Follow their myspace to check out yet another great remix to Shooting Stars.  It may even be better than the two we could get our hands on.  Find it here!

Damn Arms – Destination (Cassian Remix)

Damn Arms – Destination (Jaunt Remix)


I ran into this gem about a week ago. Here I was at 3 AM and a little more drunk than usual.  The night was great- cool breeze, warm air.  I hit the balcony, lit one up and then this track came on.  It made me lay back, relax, and reminisce a bit.  Straying a little bit from the electro-side of things this bonus track reminds me much of what the Silversun Pickups had in Lazy Eye without the weak lyrics. I hope you dig this instrumental like I do.

Decoder Ring – Beat The Twilight

New Condiments: “I’m Feeling Saucey”

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As per usual, well I guess its not usual if you don’t do it (post!?), I have been a twat and been absent for some time. Consequently, I have also been seriously lacking on postage for the month of July. So its time to catch up.

On that note, big shout outs and thanks to LA Friendly for the taste of the newest sauce, Duck Sauce that is. Strange name, maybe even hilarious, but what does it consist of?


Motherfuckin’ A-Trak and Armand Van Helden thats what/who. In celebration of A-Trak’s 10,000 lb. Hamburger tour, which will be coming to Ottawa (see details here), here is a little taste of Duck Sauce; disco-funk = tons of fun. Enjoy…

Duck Sauce – Anyway

And, here are new two new remixes to 317 favourite and friend Miami Horror‘s Make You Mine. Suffice to say the original is cash-money and both remixes are up for grabs, which you may already have by now, but to be honest I kinda prefer the Cassian version. Which is not to say that the Fred Falke remix is bad (fuck me right?), but its just a little too much the same as some previous efforts by the Frenchmen.

This is the first I’ve heard of Cassian, who is signed to Bang Gang 12s (dope crew) and hails from Melbourne, but I certainly look forward to more. In any case, choose which one you think is better for yourself yo.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Cassian Remix)

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix)

Word up and peace out.

P.S. Extra points to anyone who can name the movie which the quote in the title of the post is from – hit the comments section.