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If You Wanna Come See Me

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Beni & Sam Sparro recently released their official video to the relatively-new track Maximus.  I’ve jumped back on the track since watching it.  There’s something pure about watching little kids dance, especially the kids used within this music video. They just carry and transcend positive vibes.

Beni & Sam Sparrow – Maximus (Original Edit)

pete heller

Oh Pete Heller! I have been waiting around for a song like this to hit me for some time.  His own personal remix encompasses a lot in nine minutes but every bit of it is great.  Big Love contains remnants of some sweet Jazz-electro and soul.  It is delicious in every way, with fade ups and downs, ending with one great dreamy soundscape.  I got big love for Big Love!

Peter Heller – Big Love (Heller’s Original Mix)

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires new remix to Phoenix‘s Fences took me awhile to get used to.  It falls a bit from the typical dance anthems we’ve been accustomed to over the last little while by the trio.  It also has that very mainstream catchy feel to it.  Maybe that’s what’s bothering me? Maybe it’s lacking the typical hook that usually captivates me through most of their tracks? I don’t know. Regardless, I’m now warming up to the new mix, but slowly.  Check this out if you don’t already have it and let me know I’m not just nitpicking on the Fires.

Phoenix – Fences (Friendly Fires Remix)


I found a damn good dub mix to Jazzanova‘s I Can See, a track that instantly became a classic to me once DCUP touched it up (here).  Now DocDaneeka is giving it a shot.  His dub-bump mix is laced with some heavy beats but maintains the original catchy jazz sequence that attracted me to the track in the first place.  The result is a powerful combination.

Jazzanova – I Can See (DocDaneeka’s dub-bump mix)


Baxter hit the blogosphere by storm this past week with the release of Proof.  While it’s worth the buzz, I still don’t think it comes close to the likes of this next beauty.  Placid Mind is an epic tease of electro and melodic vocals.  Look for the breakdown three and a half minutes in, it’s gold.

Baxter – Placid Mind


Here’s some dynamite material I passed over last week that deserves a second go.  Enjoy!

Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix) *****

Touch Sensitive – Body Stop ***

The Golden Filter – Thunderbird

Mujava – Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)

Autumn Woes

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Sept 22 already?  Time flies.  Posts are going to slow down a bit for me, but in turn get bigger. As I progress further into the semester, university tends to eat up the majority of my free time.  Compounded by homework, my job, and planning one hell of a dance party for next semester, time is rather limited.  Although we’ll still have weekly updates with lots of good noise for your ears.  Speaking of which, check out the following:

I stumbled across a funky electric treat from the Sydney based duo DCUP the other day.  The two really know how to create mesmerizing beats that mix genre and style to produce a unique original sound unmatched in the industry. The sax is brilliant. Funky, funky, funky!

Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife On The Black Market (DCUP Remix)


I’m going to be one of the last blogs to cover this track but it is definitely THE disco-house track of the past week.  Fred Falke delivers again and with his synth flare’s and electric drops it’s hard not to want to keep this track on repeat.  More including this can be found off BURNS‘ new EP entitled Teknique and can be purchased off beatport.

BURNS – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)


Missing summer already I turned to the Standing On The Shore remixes to bring a little bit of it back in my life.  The best by far came from Cassian and Lifelike.  Each are unique and bring something new to the table.  Lifelike takes the title literally and reconstructed an instrumental fitting for the shore.  Cassian returns this track to the dance floor.  Both are great for different moments and moods, all pending where you are and what you’re digging.

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Cassian Remix)

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Lifelike Remix)

Lifelike is a busy man.  Here’s another eclectic dreamy soundscape produced by the French man himself. Stellar stuff.

Lifelike – Discomachine

dada life

This next track is for all you heavier, aggressive junkies out there.  Generally this isn’t for me, but the powerful ups and down’s, crazy drum intro, along the Beetroots signature synth drop makes it very difficult to not want to throw yourself around wherever you are.  Dada Life and Alex Gopher… you make gooooooood music!

Alex Gopher – Handguns (Dada Life Remix)


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lisa(photo: digitracs)

DCUP‘s latest is another exceptional remix.  This time the Sydney-based producer tossed up a unique spin to the Prior’s track What You Need.  It’s fresh out the oven and couldn’t be any more delicious.

Priors – What You Need (DCUP Remix)


We missed out on several remixes to 317 newcomer Bestrack last week while we were moving.  He recently released his debut EP Sunset City and it is simply banging.  Everything I have heard from him is brilliant.  If you don’t have these tracks below, you need em.  Every track offers something raw and unique.  If you dig what you hear check out the EP.  You won’t be disappointed.

The remix Justin Faust throws down is killer.  It is guaranteed to get the floors going.

GRUM – Woah (Bestrack Remix)

Bestrack – With You (Justin Faust)

Madonna – Into The Groove (Bestrack Remix)


Here’s something perfect to finally put an end to summer.  I know it’s a little early but let’s face it, school’s in session and no one is booking anymore summer vacays.  Night Max is another entangled member of the very fierce YALL production package we keep hearing so much about from Barcelona.  He is very, very talented.  Check out some earlier stuff here.

Night Max – Beach Hut (192)

I caught hold of Mark Ronson‘s dub-reggae take to Miike Snow‘s Animal and wow is it ever fresh.  The horn and key segment near the middle is perfect.  To be honest I’m not quite sure how he masks the vocals to adapt to his funky-ass beat but he does, and it couldn’t be any smoother.

Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson)


Gossip – Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix) (.mp4)

Justin Faust is Still Kickin’

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Give it up for Justin Faust.  The man representing Valerie released a bunch of new remixes over the last few weeks that are incredible.  Among the stack of beauties are these two gems.  Mad danceable, mad catchy, mad vibrant, and mad good.  Included in the new batch is also a new take on Missy Elliot’s Work It Out that has a lot of people talking.  Listen in on hypem here.  Find it hosted on Discodust if you want it.  But to me that track has nothing on the two listed below.

SomethingALaMode – Rondo Parisiano (Justin Faust Remix)

Edwin Van Cleef – I Want You (Justin Faust Remix)


I don’t think I’m ever going to stop liking really funky tracks that combine variations of disco.  With that in mind I’m also not going to fall off the DCUP bandwagon anytime soon.  So when I first started getting into the group a few months back this track hit me and it instantly stuck.  I think it will impress a lot of you.  The same goes for Le Babar. He is also good… really good.  His new funk track It’s On You is excellent.  Check out his myspace for more fresh music in electro, house and funk.

DCUP – To Be In Love

Le Babar – It’s On You

It’s Party Time C.Wil

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Funky electro is today’s theme and I have some great remixes to throw down.  Proxy makes the pop sound of Mystery Jets real funkin’ good.  The remix to Half In Love is excellent.  Dirty and rhythmic, I can’t get enough.

Mystery Jets – Half In Love (Proxy Remix)

Erger has been all over DCUP as evidence here, here, and well here.  It’s now my turn.  The terrific mash of funky electro from the Australian captivates me every time.  Here’s another delicious banger for your speakers. It surely will not disappoint.  Check the previous posts for more.

Evermore – Can You Hear Me (DCUP’s Horny Mix)

Summer in the Cities

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Well, well, well, it’s been a wild couple of weeks sports fans, but I’d like to say on behalf of all things holy, the summer has officially arrived, although, this announcement is obviously one day late, my bad, but, I would. In any event, the blog world has been especially generous this last week, as I have acquired some super dope tracks to share and also, some new news!? – Whatever, its fresh and interesting, trust.

This week our good mates GnartyParly, in association with the newest Hess Village venue (Hamilton, Ont.) – the Rock Bar, are bringing AutoErotique, straight from dance music central – Toronto. If you didn’t hear, like me, theses dudes used to go by the name VND/LSM, but they got slapped with a lawsuit and I’m not too sure on the details. The good news is they’re still doing their thing and they’ve changed their name to AutoErotique.


I have one of their tracks and a remix of theirs to share. The first is insanity, awesome build up, dope drums, deep ass bass, impresive to say the least. And the remix, Lykke Li again, I know what you’re thinking, but this screams originality and while subtle, it’s really mesmerizing. Turn it up and turn it out, this Wednesday in Hamilton at the Rock Bar (in Hess Village). Bring your friends! (Check the GnartyParly myspace for details)

AutoErotique – Ready or Not

Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)

Also, last week GnartyParly announced their new event, I’m On a Boat!!!! I hope you thought as I did upon reading the title; shit is going to hit the fan/water, and, wow. But yeah, check out the info on their myspace, it’s on July 30th and the boat itself, the Hamilton Harbour Queen, boards at 8pm and will be departing from 47 Discovery Drive (Foot of James N, by Williams Coffee Pub) at 9pm sharp. Its gunna be awesome and refreshing, at the same time!


So yeah, this is my first summer in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, as they say, haha, but yeah, in honour of the dope weather that has blessed the city thus far, some nostalgic tracks – throwback style. After stumbling on a brilliant DCUP remix to the same song, I had to throw up the original, which I have on an old compilation by the name of Back in the Day vol. 1. Whether you heard it at a roller gardens (oh shit!), on the dance floor, or though some headphones, so classic…

Indeep – Las Night a DJ Saved My Life

DCUP – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

And lastly, one more dope as fuck remix to a classic house track. Night Drugs, from Montpellier in France, drop the heat on this gem. I think you’ll all remember, as if you ever forgot, Daft Punk’s entrancing Face to Face. I am in love with this track and I’ve come to the conclusion we should all dance our lives away. Say what? Say word.

Daft Punk – Face to Face (Night Drugs Rework)

P.S. Mad peace and love.

Disco Knights and Dancing Ghosts in June

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Word up everybody, its June already!? Time is flying by;  the summer is fast approaching and in the meantime after a massive amount of downloading,  about 80% of the new tracks I thieved over the past week have been saved to the delete folder, or soon will be. “Boo this man!”


I’m over it, or at least I was when I realized I could continue on my last post’s theme with more Knightlife, who as you all know, we absolutely adore here at 317 (you can catch the link to the other Knightlife post here and a slightly older one right here).

Straight from Melbourne, Knightlife brings gratuitous disco-house heat and this time around I’ve got a funkified remix by the man himself; super fresh and so classy.

Knightlife – All Systems (Nile Delta Remix)


To make it a combo, I found this one back in the blog archives, for real. Whatever, the important thing is once again Knightlife proves he’s electro’s funky technician (that’s right Lord Finesse), and really fucks up this Midnight Juggernauts track in a mouth watering way, enjoy if you haven’t already.

Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows (Knightlife Remix)

As promised, another favourite of ours at 317, DCUP from Sydney, lays it down with their remix of a track by Berlin’s Jazzanova. Suffice to say the jazz is everywhere, more popped out than the original and the other remix I’ve heard. And while it may sound contradictory, the disco is smooth and stuttered just about perfectly. Another upbeat and funky jam from this Sydney dweller. Dopeness.

Jazzanova feat. Ben Westbeech – I Can See (DCUP Remix)

And a little late night snack for ya, ‘cuz I can’t help myself. Another one of the older remixes I spoke of above to the same Jazzanova track. Guess who?

Jazzanova – I Can See (Holy Ghost! Remix)

P.s. if you like what you hear post up in the comments section, ‘cuz we love to hear from you. And of course, mad peace and love.