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Autumn Woes

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Sept 22 already?  Time flies.  Posts are going to slow down a bit for me, but in turn get bigger. As I progress further into the semester, university tends to eat up the majority of my free time.  Compounded by homework, my job, and planning one hell of a dance party for next semester, time is rather limited.  Although we’ll still have weekly updates with lots of good noise for your ears.  Speaking of which, check out the following:

I stumbled across a funky electric treat from the Sydney based duo DCUP the other day.  The two really know how to create mesmerizing beats that mix genre and style to produce a unique original sound unmatched in the industry. The sax is brilliant. Funky, funky, funky!

Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife On The Black Market (DCUP Remix)


I’m going to be one of the last blogs to cover this track but it is definitely THE disco-house track of the past week.  Fred Falke delivers again and with his synth flare’s and electric drops it’s hard not to want to keep this track on repeat.  More including this can be found off BURNS‘ new EP entitled Teknique and can be purchased off beatport.

BURNS – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)


Missing summer already I turned to the Standing On The Shore remixes to bring a little bit of it back in my life.  The best by far came from Cassian and Lifelike.  Each are unique and bring something new to the table.  Lifelike takes the title literally and reconstructed an instrumental fitting for the shore.  Cassian returns this track to the dance floor.  Both are great for different moments and moods, all pending where you are and what you’re digging.

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Cassian Remix)

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Lifelike Remix)

Lifelike is a busy man.  Here’s another eclectic dreamy soundscape produced by the French man himself. Stellar stuff.

Lifelike – Discomachine

dada life

This next track is for all you heavier, aggressive junkies out there.  Generally this isn’t for me, but the powerful ups and down’s, crazy drum intro, along the Beetroots signature synth drop makes it very difficult to not want to throw yourself around wherever you are.  Dada Life and Alex Gopher… you make gooooooood music!

Alex Gopher – Handguns (Dada Life Remix)

Hump Day.

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falke braxeWe’re halfway there! Only a few more days to go until the weekend.  By that time I will hopefully have gone through this massive pile of new music. School’s slowing me down a bit, but today I wanted to take a minute to remember back when Braxe and Falke dusted off some Jamiroquai tracks and turned them into ridiculous party jams.  These two tracks frequently come up at our parties.  So while I get my life back in order within the next couple of days, enjoy this, from my library to yours.

Jamiroquai – Runaway (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Dub)

Jamiroquai – Alright (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)


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Where’d it go? I though it was here a second ago…

I caught this track just before the weekend and that’s all it took to love it.  Fred Falke makes it real simple to love him.  Too Many Sebastians are excellent in regularly updating the public with dance floor bangers, and well, they helped me find this so thank you.

I love how innovative Fred Falk can be in making repetitive synth loops creative and interesting. What he does to Eskimo Disco is no exception.  Listen to the flavour that comes though when Falke throws down his hook.  It does exactly what its supposed to and catches you instantly.  Incredible track.

Eskimo Disco – What is Woman? (Fred Falke Man Enough Remix)

New Condiments: “I’m Feeling Saucey”

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As per usual, well I guess its not usual if you don’t do it (post!?), I have been a twat and been absent for some time. Consequently, I have also been seriously lacking on postage for the month of July. So its time to catch up.

On that note, big shout outs and thanks to LA Friendly for the taste of the newest sauce, Duck Sauce that is. Strange name, maybe even hilarious, but what does it consist of?


Motherfuckin’ A-Trak and Armand Van Helden thats what/who. In celebration of A-Trak’s 10,000 lb. Hamburger tour, which will be coming to Ottawa (see details here), here is a little taste of Duck Sauce; disco-funk = tons of fun. Enjoy…

Duck Sauce – Anyway

And, here are new two new remixes to 317 favourite and friend Miami Horror‘s Make You Mine. Suffice to say the original is cash-money and both remixes are up for grabs, which you may already have by now, but to be honest I kinda prefer the Cassian version. Which is not to say that the Fred Falke remix is bad (fuck me right?), but its just a little too much the same as some previous efforts by the Frenchmen.

This is the first I’ve heard of Cassian, who is signed to Bang Gang 12s (dope crew) and hails from Melbourne, but I certainly look forward to more. In any case, choose which one you think is better for yourself yo.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Cassian Remix)

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix)

Word up and peace out.

P.S. Extra points to anyone who can name the movie which the quote in the title of the post is from – hit the comments section.

This Just In: Bring The Party To Ottawa

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Hello to everyone in Ottawa!  I hope everyone is having a great day because I’m about to make it better. MSTRKRFT are coming to Ottawa June 30 to bring in Canada Day. DJ Kid SL, the Ottawa Red Bull 3Style Champion opens.  Show is at the Lago Supper Club (Dow’s Lake Pavillion, 1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr. 10 PM – 3AM ,19+).  Tickets can be found at NORML clothing and online at Poster’s are rapidly hitting the city therefore news is spreading and tickets won’t be available for long- get ’em early.

Here’s a little gem from Alan Braxe and Fred Falke to get you feeling the party.

Kelis feat. Too Short – Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Earth Out Remix)

Heavy Cross Remixes

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I stumbled across a couple remixes to The Gossip’s Heavy Cross which recently caught my attention.  Black Lights and Fred Falke both lend a helping hand to churn out some good from the pop’d out original version.  While much of the vocals stay the same throughout each rendition, the beat has been completely revamped and disco’d out.  It’s hard to choose a fav between the two. I like how the Lights chop up the track and drop a funky bassline but its hard not to love Falke’s variations and musical interludes.  After all is done, Falke extends the track an additional 4 minutes.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Black Lights Remix)

FAQ (Five Annual Quests)

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Hallo, hallo, what the fuck is going on dudes and dudettes, its super good to see everybody. This week, thanks to some creative criticism on the part of some of our readers (peace to ehmos), I have decided to try out a new format for my posts – less typing and a max. of 5 tracks per post.

Personally, this last week has been beyond gnarly and it only seems to be getting crazier. As such, the tracks for this week’s post had to reflect the tip I’ve been on, ‘cuz “straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungle…”(Nas – “Represent”). I hate to be pessimistic and blunt, but I’m not trying to get down on you, I’m trying to light a fire under you; carpe fuckin’ diem yo! And to prove my intentions are righteous I brought along some fresh new tracks to share…

First up is an awesome new DJ out of Montreal – represent!- by the name of Kid Legit. And, suffice to say, the track I have here, a remix by the boy/man himself, proves its not just a clever name. Mad shout outs to Gnarty Parly for introducing me to this banger, which is more of a fuckin’ anthem, or at least it should be and its all madness from about 20 sec. in when the crazy synth loop drops. It is so hype, never mind the catastrophic build-up at the mid-way mark; straight dope, for serious…

Love Thy Brother – Get Your Back Up (Kid Legit Remix)

Next up, another remix by a local favourite, (formally DJ) Barletta. Yeah, we love Barletta here at 317 and this track takes my love, for one half of Mansion, to the next level with what seems to be a move towards a more disco-ish type electro-house vibe. Just a little less aggressive then the usual Barletta banger, but nonetheless, the lack of grimmeness (which is a good thing) is made up for amplified disco synth loops and the result: this is one of the illest Barletta remixes that has ever graced my ears. I have mad faith in this one, so get your dl on and pump up the volume…

Meech – Bottom of The Fourth (DJ Barletta Remix)

Number three, one of the craziest remixes I have come across in a while and its up there with the likes of Justice remixing Lenny Kravitz or U2, but way better. So yeah, this one is a single off of U2’s newest album, which is coming out super soon, if it hasn’t already. Not that I have anything against Bono or the rest of U2, but to be brutally honest, after the Joshua Tree, shit got kinda weak. Long story short, thank whomever deity you worship for Fred Falke and his blessed skills, ‘cuz this track is money-tits (sorry for the deragatory statement). Definitely an awesome twist on a way too popped-out band…

U2 – Magnificient (Fred Falke Remix – Edit)

Moving right along, Calvin Harris is the man and the track which is featured here is one of his latest singles which has been widely circulating the net, and its madness. A little longer at just over 8 minutes and some may even say its a little repetitive, but Deadmau5 kills it. Think hype house-disco, with some clean, classy and smooth loops, echoed with amazing breaks that keep you anticipating more magic. If you heard the original, which if you haven’t you really should think about doing, you may agree that this remix is a true change of pace, but one that is very fucking fresh and compliments Harris’ own dope style. Dare I say, epic…

Calvin Harris – Can You See The Light (Deadmau5 Remix)

Lately I seem to have been on a little bit of a French tip and lets be honest, les Francais represent hard, seemingly in any genre of music, but oh how they love to dance and this last track is no exception; straight heat/hot to def. Pony Pony Run Run, the people responsible for this gourmet audio treat, seem to be ranging on the more disco and indie side of the electronic spectrum, with a heavy injection of funk – a.k.a. – its catchy as fuck. This track has been putting a smile on my face every time I’ve listened to it; its tons of fun, enjoy, oh and these guys have their new album out on June 15th, so keep your ears to the streets.

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You

Can’t say goodbye without a big fat word up, with tons of representin’ thrown in as well. Post up in zee comments section, we love to hear from you and let me know what you think of the new format idea. Word is bond and keep your game(s) tight… Peace and Love.