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The Giants

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Miami Horror is phenomenal.  I like nearly everything Benjamin Vanguarde produces under his alias.  The Australian native seems fixated on staying home by filling his calender with dates devoted to his home country.  We need to somehow get him overseas after the Australian tour.  Vanguarde’s newest is the first single from the 2010 album Illumination.  It’s definitely worth the peak.

Miami Horror – Sometimes

Miami Horror’s Make You Mine is one of a kind.  It has laid the foundation to a plethora of newly constructed remixes that simply rock the world.  Check out Cassian and Falke‘s versions here, but despite the remix the original cannot be beat.  Funky and fresh you just can’t find another ‘oldie’ that renders what this can.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine | Original Post


Last Monday A-Trak released his much anticipated remix to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Heads Will Roll. The teaser was spectacular but the full length track is unbelievably better.  I didn’t get a chance to post it earlier so if you don’t have it grab it below.  A-Trak goes wild on it. He kicks in a variety of verses and sporadic beats that will have clubs and parties everywhere craving for more.  I pitty the track that has to unfortunately follow this mix wherever it is played.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – You Are Never Alone With Model 21 (Justin Faust Club Remix)

Ultracity came around with a new remix to Grum‘s Runaway that is damn good.  It lightens up the original a little bit. Grum’s original is not half bad either, and well neither is Doctor Detroit.  Enjoy the whole package.

Grum – Runaway (Ultracity Remix)


Reminiscent of the So Electric instrumental vibe I miss from Lifelike.

Relation – Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Radio Edit)

Free Your Mind.

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turzi and co

There’s been tons of new goodness coming out this past week.  I’m so stoked to share these tracks! Last night also marked the opener to the 2009 NHL season.  Fuck yeah, I’m all smiles!

New beats in Buenos Aires!  (I hope they knew before we all did).  Tellier & Turzi connected to give us one hell of an instrumental.  Whether its knockin down harmony or throwing together some great dance beats these boys know how to get it done.  This mix has some great rhythm to it, and if you let it, will easily eat the next five minutes of your life in a surreal way.

Turzi & Sebastien Tellier – Buenos Aires


The XX are phenomenal.  Their sound is largely eclectic and very original.  I jumped onto the wagon when they first appeared on here a few weeks ago.  Absolute perfect for those seeking a chill, mood track.  This song below is an extended edit.  Therefore it has been extended into a bar of solid gold.  Recommended for those seeking to drift off into the night and simply fade away.

The XX – Night Time (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow Extended Edit)


Cut Copy graced everyone last week with a new remix, and what a remix at that.  Their spin on Munk’s Back Down is excellent, but hey I’m a bit biased when it comes to Cut Copy having loved almost everything by them since being first introduced to the Australian crew.  But seriously how can one not be stoked over this when those keys interrupt the interlude a minute and a half into the sequence?

Munk – Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)


These final two tracks are unreal and they were both introduced to me by Tracasseur. Although, it was especially nice of them to put Lifelike back on our radar by posting a great interview, which you can all read here.  I thought my Lifelike library was fairly extensive but those guys showed me I was missing one large extensive piece to the collection.  Everything about this track is solid, I’m not sure where to begin but I would ‘dub’ it one of the best electro-dance love songs I’ve heard in a long time.  Thanks fellas.

Lifelike – Running Out (Extended Version)


ODahl, ODahl! Tesla Boy does make a beauty canvas to use, however this new mix to Electric Lady is something else.  Try to stay still and play this.  Didn’t work did it?  Get your boogie on.

Tesla Boy – Electric Lady (ODahl Remix)

Autumn Woes

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Sept 22 already?  Time flies.  Posts are going to slow down a bit for me, but in turn get bigger. As I progress further into the semester, university tends to eat up the majority of my free time.  Compounded by homework, my job, and planning one hell of a dance party for next semester, time is rather limited.  Although we’ll still have weekly updates with lots of good noise for your ears.  Speaking of which, check out the following:

I stumbled across a funky electric treat from the Sydney based duo DCUP the other day.  The two really know how to create mesmerizing beats that mix genre and style to produce a unique original sound unmatched in the industry. The sax is brilliant. Funky, funky, funky!

Pablo Calamari – I Bought My Wife On The Black Market (DCUP Remix)


I’m going to be one of the last blogs to cover this track but it is definitely THE disco-house track of the past week.  Fred Falke delivers again and with his synth flare’s and electric drops it’s hard not to want to keep this track on repeat.  More including this can be found off BURNS‘ new EP entitled Teknique and can be purchased off beatport.

BURNS – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)


Missing summer already I turned to the Standing On The Shore remixes to bring a little bit of it back in my life.  The best by far came from Cassian and Lifelike.  Each are unique and bring something new to the table.  Lifelike takes the title literally and reconstructed an instrumental fitting for the shore.  Cassian returns this track to the dance floor.  Both are great for different moments and moods, all pending where you are and what you’re digging.

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Cassian Remix)

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore (Lifelike Remix)

Lifelike is a busy man.  Here’s another eclectic dreamy soundscape produced by the French man himself. Stellar stuff.

Lifelike – Discomachine

dada life

This next track is for all you heavier, aggressive junkies out there.  Generally this isn’t for me, but the powerful ups and down’s, crazy drum intro, along the Beetroots signature synth drop makes it very difficult to not want to throw yourself around wherever you are.  Dada Life and Alex Gopher… you make gooooooood music!

Alex Gopher – Handguns (Dada Life Remix)

Bad Electricity? Lifelike and Lovebirds

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How good can Lifelike get? I don’t know how but he seems to turn a lot of shit into gold; including this Moby track. It’s short, but at just under 3 minutes it leaves a serious mark. If there’s anyone out there with access to a plane who would want to take us to go see Lifelike in Stockholm August 29.09, let us know. Haha. We love flying.  Much props to LA Friendly for yet another top notch release.

Moby – Mistakes (Lifelike Remix)


Lovebirds are brilliant.  Modern Stalking is a track that can instantly put you on cruise control if it catches you just right. Combining Soul, Funk, and House, tho solo project from Sebastian Doering is fantastic.  He promotes his music as a ‘blast from the past with house steroids.’  Interesting, no?  The first Lovebirds release came with the Modern Stalking EP in April 2007.  It contained some mid-tempo house and flares of funk that caught a lot of public attention.  Moreover, it showed what Doering was capable of.  Having dabbled through production and music since 1998, Modern Stalking was no fluke.  To prove it you can check out more at their myspace but nothing quite hits like this.

Modern Stalking – Lovebirds

So Fresh! Lifelike, The Twelves, Free Disco, Compuphonic

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In mid-March Lifelike dropped another funky fresh remix, this time, to My Secret Lover by The Private. This track is getting a lot of attention internationally, therefore it deserves to have a pit stop in Canada. Laurent Ash, aka Lifelike, has dropped some hella good stuff already on 317. It’s interesting to note the surname change as we all knew him by Heinrich back in the day. Check the post for the old intel as well as another dope track in So Electric.

Anyway, most people are either going to love or hate the Lifelike rendition of My Secret Lover. It’s danceable, funked out, and mad catchy. On the other hand, the vocals can be hit or miss with most. I’m still in the air. I’m not sure if I would dig it without Lifelike making it real, real nice.

The Private – My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix) (DMCA rbr)

This next track was introduced to us by a good friend and family member of 317. Everyone knows the track Take On Me by A-Ha; if not by name then definitely by first listen. Anyway, it was decent way back when it emerged, but The Twelves have made it absolutely fantastic as some might say. Anyway I’ll let the track speak for itself. On a side note, I was informed the other day by erger that The Twelves are from Brazil- who would have thought?

A-ha – Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)

Left Field Boogie by Free Disco is a ridiculously good funk track. Horns, a solid bassline, and the odd laser- yes lasers, don’t judge it (prominent around 2:20 in the song). Whatever the instrument, Free Disco absolutely destroys it here. Left Field Boogie is an uptempo swing track that makes you want to move. It’s stellar, I seriously recommend. Oh and P.S. lasers are sweet. Where would we be without laser tag, laser pointers, and the gladiator “Laser” (from the 80’s show, not that Hogan crappp).

Free Disco – Left Field Boogie

Javelo is one of the alias’s the guys from Aeroplane used before they started. Thanks to their foundation Compuphonic was able to make something that gave me my daily dose of sweet synth vibes. He delivers on the sick remix to the Javelo track entitled Spleen. For those looking for the intel, in 2002 Compuphonic started to learn the basis of electro and music production. He signed to make his first production off the label Dirty Dancing records where he released five EP’s. His fame in Belgium gave him the opportunity to become a resident Dj. Since, Compuphonic has progressed through signing remixes for Kolombo, Tiga, the Presets, and Modular. Word on the street is he already has some new stellar tracks queued up for ’09, we’ll keep you posted.

Javelo – Spleen (Compuphonic Remix)

Cut Copy – So Cosmic

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So back in the day, or at least it seems that way now, Cut Copy, Melbourne, Australia’s golden boys, representing Modular recordings (so hot right now), dropped their infamous mix named so cosmic. The mix was released well before their chart and dance floor smashing new album, In Ghost Colours and on it were some truly inspiring and refreshing beats, I won’t get into all of them with you, you can just visit their blog or their my space page and show some love.
First off is Mr. Lifelike and if you don’t already now the name, their is no time like the present. Hailing from the Strasbourg, Alsace, France, Laurent Heinrich has been droppin‘ the goods for a little while now, and cut copy love and so should we. This track is an instant classic, it has that vibe of a song that has been alive in your ears for what seems like since forever, if that makes any sense, and it invokes, upon listening very nostalgic feelings of daft punk, Thomas Bangalter, Stardust, Dj Falcon, Kris Menace and Alan Braxe, among others, in short: a musical journey, french style.

Lifelike – So Electric

Next up is a true disco funk classic from the lovely land of new york electro and indie, DFA. Holy Ghost! has to be one of the most talked about-least known groups of the last two years. The fact that they have a plethora of quality remixes floating around the net is testament to that, and their few known singles, of which I have only one, and it is coincidentally found on the same cut copy mix tape. If my sources are correct this track could have been dropped as early as 2007, in which case its hype only truly emerged throughout the next year, and now the people want more from Holy Ghost! Their upcoming album (fingers crossed) may be one of the most anticipated albums in this music genre of 2009, no lie. so enough is enough and here is the dopeness:


Number three this eve, is an awesome remix by fellow aussies and label mates Knightlife. The track “So Haunted”, by Cut Copy, truly has two distinct and unique styles and sections that are blended together, the first is a darker, more post-punkish type of indie electro, where the vocals are bright and somewhat uplifting and the beats are very drab and melancholy. In the second part the mood switches: the vocals turn almost nostalgic and reminiscent in a distant way, but they are overtaken by an amazing synth breakdown that totally entrances you and is so uplifting its contagious. This remix, which I believe is not the same as the one featured on the so cosmic mix, is equally as enjoyable and achieves the same goal, an extension of the second part of the original “So Haunted” track. The wow factor on this one is pretty high, be careful…

So Haunted (Knightlife Sun-Soaked Reprise Remix) – Cut Copy

Lucky number four… Sticking to the theme of the mix, we have a collabo remix with cut copy and lifelike, and the best part is that the track they remix is “Never Forget” by mother fuckinFleetwood Mac. Know if your unfamiliar with the gorgeous Stevie Nicks and the boys of Fleetwood Mac, do yourself a favour and get educated. This song has been giving me shivers since the day I first heard it two years ago, mad thanks to Cut Copy, Lifelike and Fleetwood Mac. True Love.

Fleetwood Mac – Never Forget (Cut Copy and Lifelike Remix)

Cinque (Five): Now I must apologize because I know very little about the group who did the original to this track Like Whoa! except that they are fellow Sydney ‘siders with Knightlife and this track was originally released as 12″ on Bang Gang Records, who are geniuses by the way, check them out as well. So this remix is also not on the So Cosmic mix, but let me just say that inside sources tell me that Cut Copy has faith in Knightlife, ‘nough said. Here we are:

Oh I Like (Knightlife Remix) – Like Whoa!

Last but surely not least is fellow Sydney ‘siders the Bag Raiders. These guys are killin‘ it right now with there new single that just dropped in the new year. This track featured on the So Cosmic mix as the post suggests, and it is pure goodness, a little harder and dirtier but definite disco dance floor action ( i love alliterations), that will have you shakin‘ your hips and feelin‘ the vibe of liquid courage like never before.

As a side note, for those that grew up watching City Tv (local greater Toronto Area basic cable channel) they had a fashion news show, appropriately called Fashion Television, which I don’t know much about other than it has an amazing theme song, but I have no idea who its by. Anyways, this next track sounds a little like the theme song from that show. So yeah, strange, but its all good. Here is the dope shit:

Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Remix) – Bag Raiders

Thanks goes out to cut copy of course, as mentioned before hit the myspace, give love, and for those in the area, they’re comin‘ to Circa in Toronto on March 20th, if your around, come on down, cuz its gunna be a guaranteed phenomenal night. And for those haters, those who think that I may be on Cut Copy’s balls, or perhaps just the whole aussie electro scene, well what do you want me to say, all i got is love to give, and yeah, I am guilty as charged. For those that share the love, my heart goes out to you.
Peace and love.