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September Superpost!

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Alright… back in action after parting ways with the crew and I have LOTS to share today.  First off, probably one of the biggest events to kick off the new semester (if you’re following us on Facebook you knew last week) but The Twelves are in town September 10.09! Early bird tickets are still available at Reap and Sew (401 Dalhousie St. 613-562-4545) for 10 bucks.  I picked mine up today and there was still a pile of about twenty tickets left.  The Brazilian duo are performing at one of Ottawa’s newest clubs to the scene in Ritual Nightclub (137 Besserer St.).  Doors open at 9 PM, must be 19+ and ABSOLUTELY must come ready to party!!!

Zeigeist – Humanitarianism (The Twelves Remix)

It’s hard to follow up erg’s send off post.  He couldn’t have explained the roots of this blog any better.  Like he said, we will all continue to bring you dope shit as much as possible throughout the coming year.  We love comments and feedback so let us know how we’re doing.  For all those wanting direct downloads, expect that hopefully within the month.  In the meantime, I just wanted to say thanks to my colleagues and wish them the best of luck in the future as they move on to new things.  But I digress as this is a music blog so lets get down to business and get on with some motha fuckin’ music!

With the help of some friends I came across a couple dope tracks by Louis La Roche.  These two remixes are sure to keep you bumpin’.   Both of these tracks maintain a solid funk vibe to them that’s absolutely killer.

Louis La Roche – On The Floor

Louis La Roche – Get On Down

I first came introduced to the pairing of Phonat and Super Mal with Pixelated.  A mean track dedicated to high’s and low’s of electric music.  Impressed by the two together I finally found some exceptional songs that feature each of them individually.  Coincidentally, they each came to me in the same week.  Phonat’s Ghetto Burning is raw, heavy, and simply infectious.  Super Mal returns the favour with Blood & Sun, a heavy-fitted electronic supernova of beats.  The ups and downs throughout will have you wandering all night wondering what the fuck happened.  Simply beautiful.

Phonat – Ghetto Burning

Super Mal – Blood & Sun

There have been tons, and I mean TONS of remixes to Visitor, and more specifically, to the track Los Feeling in the past two weeks.  My favourite is from the new Digitalfoxglove in a collaborative mix with Wonder.  I think it captures the original vibe perfectly all while adding a touch of electro goodness.

Visitor – Los Feeling (Digitalfoxglove + Wonder Remix)

Tracasseur, our friends from over the vast Atlantic, introduced me to Paul– a relatively new artist who has a hint of French house to him.  This track hit me almost a month ago but it took me awhile to get over a little repetitiveness in the lyrics.  Once you pass through this the instrumental combination throughout will grab hold.  If you dig this I strongly recommend checking out his myspace.

Paul – B2Luv

All I can say is wow regarding this TimFuchs remix erger hooked me up with.  LCD Soundsystem always provide a great starting canvas for artists to remix the shit out of.  Fuchs does just that.  Absolutely excellent.  If you don’t know what’s up, hit the link below.

LCD Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver (TimFuchs Rework)

This Glasnost track is uber funky.  Between the lyrics, the catchy rifts, and the backdrop synth I like it all.  I wouldn’t play this for the hardwood but it will definitely put a small smile on your face as you bob to it.

Glasnost – No Survivor

Mad love to all who actually completed reading this novel.

The Softer Side of Electric Melodies

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FM Attack were introduced to me last week and impressed me a lot.  With a very new wave/exploratory disco-house feel to them, the Vancouver natives recently released their debut album on itunes entitled, Dreamatic.  The album does not stray too far from what you’re getting below in Sleepless Nights.  An original melodic instrumental that is captivating throughout.  Worth the download and the album is definitely worth the purchase. Check it out.

FM Attack – Sleepless Nights


Louis La Roche caught my attention this week with a banger remix to Don Diablo‘s, I Am Not From France.  The track is Diablo’s newest preview, remixed of course, to his new single off the forthcoming album expected to release around October this year.  The remix is extraordinary.  Catchy and heavy synth breakdowns with sporadic transitions keep things fresh.  Look forward to the Diablo release later this year.

Don Diablo – I Am Not From France (Louis La Roche Remix)


Our friend Andy Webb over at discodelicious has been posting some great music recently.  One of the most notable tracks that grabbed my attention was the lengthy electro-instrumental produced by Downtown Party Network, which Webb himself, was hesitant to post.  Heart Break Dancing isn’t anything special but it offers a venture through slower melodic music that doesn’t break from it’s rhythm or spice things up.  Possibly being the only drawback, the track cashes in hard on it’s great production and catchy yet simple-sounding chords, ultimately creating a trance effect of soft electro-pop goodness.

Downtown Party Network – Heart Break Dancing

Smooth Criminal …

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Just woke up from a sweet post work nap and i get hit in the face  with some serious news, M. Jackson suffers a fatal heart attack at the age of 50, LAME. Anyways, like more most people i enjoy my fare share of pappy crap, but MJ had a certain quality to him that most of us can’t deny.

Anyways i though i would through up a tribute to the late legend with a

Three Banger 317ELECTRO Salute.

Michael Jackson – Bad (Mowgli remix) – this Track really kicks it at  1:30

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Louis La Roche Remix)

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Telemiltry Remix)

Post Script: Just found this interesting piece of hip hop sample history, check out this map of used MJ samples, i am sure it is mad limited but nonetheless pretty cool.

Keep it Gully


Six Months Later and Still Kickin’

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317 anniv

Today mark’s 317’s 1/2 birthday! From January 15.09 – June 15.09 we have been trying to spread a very small portion of the music wealth available on the web.  Since we’re still pumping out tracks mid year I wanted to thank everyone who has helped us get this far and the artists who submit music our way.  Keep them coming.  Anyway, here are some more great tunes to fill your library with (in no particular order).

The Glass – Wanna Be Dancin’

The Presets – If I Know You (Alternate Version)

Yuksek – Extraball (Contra Remix)

Frankmusik – Confusion Girl (The Aspirins For My Children Remix)

Heads We Dance – My Heart Is Set On You (Louis La Roche Remix)

Rob Threezy – The Change Up (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

Florence and The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Leo Zero Remix)

The Seebach Band – Bubble Sex