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Royalty Session

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The new demo from Monarchy is impressive to say the least.  The London duo are bringing some flare to some soft electro jams.  The track starts off slow until the melodies break into one another, from there it simply takes off.  I’m digging every second of it.  It’s hard to throw out a comparison for you because there’s many different elements to it.  A great mood track to carry you throughout the night.  Brilliant.  I wish I had a label so I could attempt to sign these guys.

Monarchy – Gold In The Fire (Demo)

russ chimes

Russ Chimes is a pretty sure thing when it comes to providing gold for the dance floor.  His latest remix comes from LA Nights, which is now available on itunes.  It’s the typical smash from Chimes who never ever seems to disappoint.  Myspace is a good place to catch more bangers.

Fabian – Heatwave (Russ Chimes Remix)


I’m sure by now you’ve all caught the new single Night by Night from Chromeo released a few weeks back.  All the remixes have came and gone and for now, I found one that really leaves a punch.  Skream’s remix just barely edged out the new version from DJ Anonymous.  The laidback take does wonders to compliment the pop-based lead vocals from Dave 1.  But I still love the funky rework Anonymous does.  Anyway I included both, if you feel like sharing post your fav.  If you don’t have the original electric avenue has it for you here.

Chromeo – Night By Night (Skream Remix)

Chromeo – Night By Night (DJ Anonymous Remix)

Alan Braxe is one of the few individuals who can reproduce mainstream music into listening gold.  Not that teeny boppers don’t have an ear for great music….”To the window! To the wall!” haha; I’m just saying that Braxe definitely knows how to turn it up a notch and it doesn’t matter what piece of music you start him out with.  The newest remix to hit us last week was Broken-Hearted Girl.  Fantastic Dub remix, but there’s a slow and bothersome Radio Edit out there… so don’t get confused.  The ‘right’ version is listed below.

Beyoncé – Broken-Hearted Girl (Alan Braxe Dub Remix)

The interview above is crazy fascinating and Too Many Sebastians led me to it so thanks for that.

Parallel Sounds

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Parallels recently dropped a brand new video to their single Ultralight.  It captures the track extremely well with it’s neonized visual effects and choppy film transitions.

I’ve been a big fan of the Toronto-based Parallels for awhile now.  Their signature sound is extremely captivating but does not deviate too far between each track.  This generally means majority of their tracks sound very similar.  I don’t mind being a Canadian and a huge Parallels fan but anyone else checking in for the first time should know.  I’m looking forward to see more more come our way from Findlay, Dodson and Kehoe.  Next listed show is Sep 11.09 at The Mod Club (Toronto).

Parallels – Ultralight

Delphic – This Momentary (Parallels Remix)

Detachments – Flowers That Fell (Parallels Remix)


I almost didn’t want to post anymore Russ Chimes’ on here in case he was planning to release yet another stellar track this week.  If you have been in the dark, Chimes has been steadily pumping out remix after remix.  Don’t worry, if you missed all the goods this past week here is where we left off.

Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Russ Chimes Unofficial Remix)

Frankmusik – Confusion Girl (Russ Chimes Remix)

Dance Art For The Gifted

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Russ Chimes released a stellar remix a couple weeks ago that appears to be… nowhere?  Kudos to Trials & Tribulations along with Blouse for getting this our way.  The very synthed out, catchy, rhythmic, sound of Chimes returns with this soon to be hit.  Excellent grab if you don’t have it.  I’m not going to highlight much about Chimes, by now we all know he’s awesome.  Check out the oldies via hype machine if you haven’t already.

Heads We Dance – Sirens (Russ Chimes Remix)


Barcelona’s own DJ-Producer, David Borras Paronella aka DJ Noise Up, is finally settling down after a crazy couple years.  His track Puerta Plata gained recognition after it was selected by David Amo & Julio Navas as a track for the Brazilian Tour 2007.  The track was further featured on the albums Cassagrande So Fresh! and Discazo 2007 sparking a promo tour across the Dominican.  Since then, he’s accomplished his first international tour with stops in Madrid, Valencia, Stockholm, and Moscow.  In July 2008, Paronella with three friends created YALL, which is a collaborative project between various skilled DJ’s (including Nighty Max who we touched on last May).  I was a little confused with what YALL was about before but it’s coming around to me now.

Over & Over Again is a brand new electro-based instrumental.  Real simple and chill- easy to lose the last hours of the night too.  The B.Rich remix is a little dated but very danceable and showcases much of what Noise Up brings to the hardwood.  Definitely something to pick you up again after the last track.

Noise Up – Over & Over Again

B.Rich – Make Me Dance (Noise Up Remix)

The New Music: February, wk. 9

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Justin Faust’s newest release Revenge EP came out earlier this week. As a special treat he has released three mixes of tracks found within the album. Get them while they’re hot. As for Faust, he’s no stranger to the industry. He has been producing music since 1992 and in doing so has developed his own unique sound that speaks for itself. Faust has also made noise with some of his own remixes including work from Hamilton’s own Electric Youth. With the release of Revenge, Faust has created some of the best chill synth I have heard in a long time.

Justin Faust – The Capri Spinoff (Cyndi Seui Night Drive Killer)

Justin Faust – Surfer Mystique (Pelifics Remix)

Justin Faust – Revenge (Russ Chimes Remix)

Electric Youth – Replay (Justin Faust Remix)
(not featured on Revenge-EP)