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Night Flight

Posted in Dance, Disco, Electro, Soul with tags , on October 13, 2009 by adam

night flight

This track is awesome.  Amazing disco vibes that hail samples from the incredible Stevie Wonder.  The long instrumental interlude is so impressive Stevie’s vocals are not really needed; but when those sample’s do come in.. wow, he kills it.  I know a few other great instrumentals by The Revenge, however nothing quite hits me like this.

The Revenge (Stevie Wonder) – Night Flight



Posted in Electronica, Experimental, Funk, Soul with tags , , , , on February 24, 2009 by megaphoneteeth

Having a week’s worth of bumming around and drinking has allowed me not only to catch up on some sleep but also some much needed music time. In my days of waking up at 2pm and staying out all night, I had stumbled upon some great tunes I would love to share. I got a few oldies and a few dated tracks but nonetheless some bangers to attribute to the 317 reputoire.


Mainstream isn’t all that bad at times. Michael Jackson and the great Stevie Wonder are a couple of examples to back up my claim. Here I have a track from Raphael Saadiq that I would like to share, real poppy but at the same time a great tune to get the party bump’n and shake’n. Speaking of Stevie Wonder, picture Superstition or on that note a young Stevie playing this track and a shocking resemblance will be draped over your thoughts as you listen to this one ladies and gentlemen. I will include both tracks for those of you that might need a little refresher.


Raphael Saadiq – 100 Yard Dash

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

Anyways Saadiq kills it on this track and the video is no exception. Not going to say too much about this one seeing as I just came across it. Saadiq being the groovy fellow that he is … is in need of some recognition and in my opinion this is the best way for me, myself to do that. His other tracks don’t do much for me but this guy hits it hard. Please enjoy.

Though I would add an almost unrecognizable remix to keep with the direction of the 317 crew … which I might add I thoroughly enjoy, HA.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Justice Remix)

Bamoos CUT

So I have kind been getting on to the funk and soul train lately and digging into the depths that are the “classics”. In my search for the perfect soul song I have come across a couple of more recent groups doing some really great things. Firstly, we got The Bamboos, what a great bunch of fellows … great album artwork, great tracks, just great. So please push back the computer chair you have spent countless hours in and take the time to check out these guys. Number two … a funk fellow going by the name of Lack of Afro (website) must be represented here. Just check ‘em out maybe you like him maybe you don’t … I just got to spread the love. Just a note about Lack of Afro, i need to mention this is one guy working out a flat in England creating some of the best sounding stuff i have heard in a long time.

The Bamboos – Bamboos Them

Lack of Afro – When The Sun Goes Down